Summer Splash 72a

Race your (sunglasses wearing) Payload in this summertime resort!

  1. Funnystuf
    Here is my entry to 2018's 72 Hour Summer Jam!

    I wasn't in the right mental state these last few days to give it my ALL, but I decided I could whip atleast something neat up.

    • Payload cart with sunglasses!
    • Death pits!
    • Big pools of water! (Because who doesn't like that!)
    • Way too many umbrellas!
    (Note: The map in it's current state does not contain cubemaps or soundscapes, but I will most likely fix this if I continue to work on the map.)


    plr_summersplash_72a0023.jpg plr_summersplash_72a0022.jpg plr_summersplash_72a0025.jpg plr_summersplash_72a0024.jpg plr_summersplash_72a0026.jpg