72 hour jam 2018

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  1. That's the plan

    72 hour jam medals

    I know that it takes a long time to review every single map, but when are we going to get are participation medals for 72 hour mapping contest? Could someone at least give me a time estimate?
  2. Jackhammer881

    koth_sewageplant A2

    Sewageplant is a small koth map,it is based in a sewage treatment plant. It features explosive barrels of toxic waste, water tunnels and gameplay at varying heights. This map was made in 72 hours as an entry into the 2018 TF2 Summer Jam. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhS9FdzXAQM
  3. Call_Me_Meme

    ctf_2_stations b2

    This is my 72Hr summer jam entry and my first CTF map. There are two stations and a train that goes though the middle of the map. There is supposed to be some extra cover and healthpacks in the middle area along with another entrance into the two bases but Hammer keeps on acting up and now...
  4. BigBang1112

    Racecliffs Final

    So I came back to enjoy this simple 72-hour event once again. This time, I didn't go much with the creativity and rather went on the designing side of the mapping, which, as you can see still isn't in my hands yet. :D As this is a trade map, it doesn't have any rules. It is a weird one in a...
  5. Sinful Creature

    Walkmann! A 72hr Jam Entry 2018-07-31

    Meet the Walkmann! Whether you're violating the unwritten law of interpersonal reciprocity, or simply want to drown out the constant noise of cold-blooded murder, the Walkmann is the go-to device! Concept Artist: Techno https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198048418963/ SteamID...
  6. mfede

    Seven cool dudes. 2018-07-30

    A small SFM project I made for the 72 hour Jam.
  7. Pie_Savvy

    European Signs Decal Pack 2018-07-30

    Now you too can set your map in the rugged terrain of the Austrian Alps or in an industrial port along the Rhine. Includes a read me with who to credit if you use this in a map. So for our 72 hour jam we did some map decal signs with a european flair. If there is any issues (or you want us to...
  8. Funnystuf

    Summer Splash 72a

    Here is my entry to 2018's 72 Hour Summer Jam! I wasn't in the right mental state these last few days to give it my ALL, but I decided I could whip atleast something neat up. Features: Payload cart with sunglasses! Death pits! Big pools of water! (Because who doesn't like that!) Way too many...
  9. Mediic

    The Woes of Auto-Balance

    View: https://youtu.be/nCWuY3kXO-A This is Omicron (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198010360203/) and I's SFM animation entree for this year's 72 Hour Jam. I'm not too sure on what's needed to upload so just let me know please.
  10. FishTiger

    Walk Like an Egyptian 2018-07-30

    A Source Filmmaker (Hieroglyphs, base for Sniper pose) and a GIMP fusion poster for the 72 hour Summer Jam, 2018. The symbol in the middle is the sign of Egyptian goddess Neith, the goddess of war and hunting. It resembles a shield with arrows behind it.
  11. BlaBla

    Greeting From a Far Land 2018-07-30

    A little scenebuild made for the 72hr jam Made within 6 hrs Using Garry's mod and photoshop
  12. Katuen

    A second before bonk 2018-07-30

    Pyro is not so impressed by Scout showing off. Made for the 72 hour jam - First time trying to enter. It's an idea I've had planned for ages, gave me a nice reason to work on it!
  13. Redd

    Low Poly Sniper Rifle 2018-07-30

    Here is my submission for the TF2 Summer Jam! I was nearly out of time to make it, but I was just able to get there.
  14. Py-Bun

    After Hours 2018-07-30

    was doing MVM tours this whole week and thought i'd do something related to that for the 72hr jam. i missed the eclipse this weekend :( made using SFM, Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop 14.5hrs of work timelapse process
  15. Aapelikaeki

    Midnight Mapping 2018-7-30

    REAL MAPPING HOURS Made with ibisPaint X (for android)
  16. 200

    detail_512 a1

    As the time runs out and I just got back from a trip, here is a small detailing practice made roughly in 3 hours.
  17. MilkMaster

    The Legend Of Pyro: MMMPH Of The Fire 2018-07-30

    New To The Valvtendo Switch... The Legend Of Pyro: MMMPH Of The Fire This was made for the TF2 2018 Summer Jam.
  18. princess.luc!!!

    The team 2018-07-30

    Spent all night on this lollll
  19. Hazard

    koth_oversight_a1 2018-07-30

    My submission for the 2018 72 hour Summer Jam. Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish it completely due to time but I managed to get it to a playable state. Might finish it later as i'm currently working on other projects.
  20. Dr. Salty

    Are those...crocodiles? 2018-07-30

    My entry into the 72 hour jam. This SFM poster features Scout and Soldier discovering that the waters are not safe to swim in. A total of five light sources were used in this poster. And I used the tf_movie models for Soldier and Scout.