Styrofoam a5

The complete remake of 3cp map Shrimptown, all in your hands.

  1. The starchy Update (a5)

    Jasper The Blank
    starchy is a moderator.

    -moved red spawn positions
    -removed light_spot on C point
    -made a door, opens when a caps because people going the wrong way
    -some easier window route from left C flank to red B
    -nobuild on only the A roof
    -added lanterns under bridge
    -areaportals (not everywhere)
  2. The Snoo Update (a4)

    Jasper The Blank
    Fun fact: The iconic Reddit icon is named the "Snoo" from their early name, '

    -remade mid
    -door demolition derby happened, many doors did not survive
    -replaced lamp01's with lamp02's in that kinda dark C flank
    -also added lamp02's on the other side
    -more snow near C
    -improved some lights
    -minor detailing

    Screenshots coming tomorrow (or some other day)
  3. The Woag Update

    Jasper The Blank

    -adjusted blu spawn
    -moved blu forward spawn
    -some c door taller
    -some nails on not floating metal
    -increased height of B building
    -hazard tapes on A
    -c sign revived, added another c sign
    -focus lights on C and B
    -graygrid to reflectivity_30b
    -lightmaps reduced on only floors (not disps) and undersides (yay optimization or something)
  4. The Zeno. Update (A2)

    Jasper The Blank

    -Red now moves to back spawns when Blu caps A (whoops)
    -removed gaps at right flank to A
    -removed corner on right side of blu spawn
    -replaced full ammo with small health near blu spawn
    -perm opened shoji doors at blu spawn
    -lightened A point
    -fixed missing japan bridge textures (special thanks to Freyja) (I think)
    -removed C decal
    -moved A arrow sign at right flank
    -turned bundle of crates outside of C into a crate jump...