Stranded RC3

Destroy the rocket before it destroys you!

  1. Maintenance update

    - Fixed another exploit of being able to build above RED base near middle between CP2 and CP3.
    - Fixed exploit of being able to build inside the room next to BLU starting base, from under the door.

    Thanks to A Bucket for reporting these!
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  2. Patch

    - Fixed 2 exploits:
    -- Demoman being able to be high between CP1 & CP2
    -- Engineer able to build above 1st RED spawn
    - Added pathway for spies to reach front of last BLU forward spawn area
    - Fixed RED sometimes getting stuck at their 1st spawn when CP2 is capped
    - Fixed gate near CP3 not closing and becoming one way when point is capped
    - Several miscellaneous fixes and improvements
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  3. Release Candidate 1

    Changes to rc1:

    - Added missing bot navigation
    - Improved bot navigation mesh so they move better and know where to go
    - Added some extra cables to the air from building to another
    - Added closed door area near blu last spawn area
    - Closed one route for the same reason above
    - Optimized model draw distances
    - Fixed displacement texture errors in the mine area
    - Fixed few displacement cracks outside of the map
    - Fixed hovering arrow sign
    - Fixed a spot high up at the rooftop near C where...
  4. Lots of changes

    Changes from b2 - b5

    - Renovated the storage area near C capture point, little simplified and more fluent
    - Added pathway from B point area to upper area leading to RED first spawn area
    - Fixed thunder and lightning strikes happening too late when cart is already near C point
    - Fixed RED last spawn lower door having its doors open by default
    - Fixed some props fade errors (fading too soon)
    - Increased respawn time of RED team slightly when point B is captured
    - Simplified tracks between B...
  5. Bug fixes before larger update

    - Fixed respawn closet being partly inside wall at blu base
    - Fixed few props being non-solid
    - Fixed few props not being visible at all DirectX levels
    - Fixed players not teleporting from RED 1st base to next one if point was capped after they spawned
    - Fixed RED last base lower door while being open blocking players running through from the upper door
    - Fixed first control point blocking players going up from downside of it
    - Fixed D capture point icon being tad sideways, is now straight