Stranded RC3

Destroy the rocket before it destroys you!

  1. Lots of changes

    Changes from b2 - b5

    - Renovated the storage area near C capture point, little simplified and more fluent
    - Added pathway from B point area to upper area leading to RED first spawn area
    - Fixed thunder and lightning strikes happening too late when cart is already near C point
    - Fixed RED last spawn lower door having its doors open by default
    - Fixed some props fade errors (fading too soon)
    - Increased respawn time of RED team slightly when point B is captured
    - Simplified tracks between B and C area, now they dont confuse players
    - Started lighting adjustments for the map
    - Changed track near last BLU spawn to prevent people getting stuck on the low ceiling while riding the cart
    - Modified bridge after D point to prevent people getting stuck on bridge, while riding the cart
    - Modified BLU last spawn area falldown so players dont take damage from the drop
    - Adjusted draw distance from D point towards C, improving framerate on that area
    - Added some detailing indoors near the RED first base area
    - Added markings with overlays on places indoors where ammo and health spawns/respawns
    - Added menu photos for loading screen
    - Removed big health kit from middle of the map
    - Improved clipping on the map, no more bumping to odd spots that easily
    - Made railings non solid outside last BLU base
    - Made some props non-solid to prevent players standing on them up high
    - Made some props outside of the playable area non solid
    - Fixed texture error in RED 1st base
    - Fixed people possibly getting stuck in one way door at RED last area
    - Fixed a crack in the ground near final pit
    - Fixed few texture errors
    - Fixed few props still having too low directx level to display them ingame for everyone
    - Fixed nearly all console errors occuring from models missing vphysics. Some still escaped me.
    - Added more blue shade to two BLU forward bases
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