Stranded RC3

Destroy the rocket before it destroys you!

  1. Bug fixes before larger update

    - Fixed respawn closet being partly inside wall at blu base
    - Fixed few props being non-solid
    - Fixed few props not being visible at all DirectX levels
    - Fixed players not teleporting from RED 1st base to next one if point was capped after they spawned
    - Fixed RED last base lower door while being open blocking players running through from the upper door
    - Fixed first control point blocking players going up from downside of it
    - Fixed D capture point icon being tad sideways, is now straight
    - Fixed ground area between CP2 B and CP3 C blocking players where tracks cross paths
    - Removed leftover mine cart and its path track system
    - Removed blowing weather effects from last area
    - Removed one way door near D control point
    - Reduced blueness on blu base
    - Added some extra drainage near C capture point
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