Moonshine rc

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Moonshine rc

By heyyou

Koth_Moonshine is an intense “King of the Hill” map set at the base of a beautiful mountain stream waterfall, which feeds into an industrial swamp basin community. Both teams attack through their industrial swamp communities, fighting to be the king of a shadowy bayou shipping house, which is cover for a top-secret surveillance outpost. This high intensity map provides multiple routes to the central point to guarantee vigorous battles as the point changes hands during game play.

Special thanks to the penny arcade test crew, tf2maps swamp team for putting together such a great swamp pack, and xzzy, for the great gmod picture(used in poster).

Thanks and enjoy.
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King of the Hill

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Latest reviews

The map without the Halloween spells and the effects makes it feel a little bit bland. The map design itself really feels like it was made for the Halloween stuff, without them it just looks very plain.
The flankroutes are definitely fine though, and I would be accepting if this got added into casual.

Not the best map, but not bad.