Extinction A8

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Extinction A8

Geyser /dinosaur bone themed payload map.

Eventual Theme:
Geyser and dinosaur bone site.

Hey You - Level designer/detailer, overall concept, architect
Jukebox - Dinosaur bone props, geyser props, other customs, map influencer, came up with name extinction
NonHuman - Particle systems (new geysers, lava explosion, asteroids, etc), map influencer
Square - Overlay, signs, and help with art direction, map influencer
Littleboots - Original geyser particle
First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. pl_extinction_A8

    Updates include: - Geysers now extinguish players - The first area has more art pass added. Includes changes to help alleviate bottleneck corner after the first point - Few clipping fixes - Small changes around point C to enable better sentry...
  2. pl_extinction_a7

    Updates to A7 include - Improved optimization throughout the map - Back route from D to C removed - Upper route from A to B slightly reworked - Blue final forward spawn slightly reworked to help with confusion going the wrong direction - Art pass...
  3. pl_extinction_a6a

    Small update to fix: - Stairs being cut off at the bottom of a room on D - Spawn visualizer issue for Blue's forward spawns - Other small issues

Latest reviews

One of the more fun experiences I've had on community payload maps, unique theme, mechanics, and layout. An all-around great map! Can't way to test again :D