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Extinction RC2

Geyser /dinosaur bone themed 4pt payload map

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4gJIE47oeg

Dinosaur bone and geyser-themed payload map. Map art pass was focused on bringing back the classic tf2 feel while updating it at the same time

Do you remember the classic tf2 feel, Pepperidge Farm remembers...

Hey You
- Level designer/detailer, overall concept, architect, started the project/project lead
Jukebox - Dinosaur bone props, geyser props, other customs, advisor, came up with name extinction
NonHuman - Particle systems (new geysers, lava explosion, lava particles, etc)/ custom water, advisor, major help to other team members
Square - Overlays, custom signs, custom textures for rocks, rock walls, and floor. Concept art/art direction influence, advisor
Crash - Advisor
Littleboots - Original geyser particle used to validate the geyser concept, test/help with early development,

This project was made better by all the team members above. Everyone pushed everyone else to do their best. We hope you enjoy it, we put a lot of work into it. Thanks for checking it out
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Latest updates

  1. pl_extinction_rc2

    More polished version than RC1 with a couple of issues fixed and a lot of small visual updates/fixes included. All updates include: Fixed being able to stand on small ledge on area just after C Fixed stickies being about to be launched over last...
  2. pl_extinction_rc1 - Officially RC

    Map officially moved into RC. Very polished/refined version. Small but impactful changes to gameplay included and some detailing additions. A ton of small visual and optimization updates are packed into this release: New custom shelves were...
  3. pl_extinction_b11

    B11 focused on cleaning up optimization and lingering issues found in B10. This same file was updated to the workshop. Note: changing the file name will break the particle effects in-game (geyser steams, lava, explosion) B11 updates include...

Latest reviews

One of the more fun experiences I've had on community payload maps, unique theme, mechanics, and layout. An all-around great map! Can't way to test again :D