Moonshine_Event rc3

Halloween version of Koth Moonshine

  1. heyyou
    7 years in the making, updated for the 2015 Workshop of Horrors and included in the 2015 Valve Scream Fortress VII Update.

    Original old-school community favorite custom map updated and reskinned to the Halloween theme
    Improved gameplay from original
    The Wheel of Doom (spooky!)
    Wandering ghosts
    Pumpkin bombs
    Underworld thriller dance routine
    Giant drunk skull
    Sweet custom props made just for this!

    Hey You - Original map creation/ Halloween retheme
    UEAKCrash - Underworld/ Halloween retheme/ Optimization/ Shenanigans
    Jukebox - Moonshine Still props
    Psyke/ Donhonk - Zombie Croc prop

    On TF2 Map Workshop:


    1. 440_screenshots_2015-10-18_00001.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: rc3
    Spooky, Well playing, and Spooking
  2. Nero
    Version: rc3
    Fantastic map, neatly and well considered spacing and aesthetic mapping. Basically, I love halloween maps.
  3. Yellow
    Version: rc3
    Very fun map, a lot of random with spells and the wheel of fate.

    My only complaint is that the inside building routes from spawn to the outside courtyard can be rather crowed and can easily be flanked by enemies. Since it is an event map, though, it is fine and I will not hold that against the map.