Spacepost b4

Defend against the robot invasion on Red's crucial spacepost

  1. Beto changed a whole buncha stuff

    New Expert popfile.

    Detailing Changes
    • Adjusted lighting.
    • Remade 3D Skybox.
    • Improved forward upgrade station.
    • Changed far left bot spawn wall.
    • Changed hatch area.
    • Slightly redesigned spawnroom.
      • New B1000 logo
    • Replaced jungle-y area with spytech.
    • Redesigned missile holding area.
    • Added detail to plain walls.
    • Added some props to empty space in some rooms.
    • Largers windows for lounge area.
    • Modified 2nd floor area with the...
  2. Beeps and Boops

    • Adjusted outdoor stairs
    • Half-clipped spiral stairs (the slope is too steep to fully clip them and you'd just get stuck)
    • Lowered volume of some sounds
    • Robots now beep and boop
    • Fixed getting stuck on a displacement
    • Aligned some textures better
    • Adjusted displacement alphas
    • Adjusted some misc details
    • Adjusted some clipping
    • Disabled fog
    • Changed one red ammo overlay to be white
    • Fixed a nodraw
    • A bit more optimization
    • Fixed Robot entity spam...
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  3. -insert space pun-

    • Added detailed lounge area (behind glass)
    • New Upgrade Stations (in spawn)
    • Recolored ammo overlays to better tell them apart from health
    • More little details here and there
    • More optimization
    • More fade distances
    • Fixed ugly shadows in robot spawns
    • Adjusted finale
      • Currently a bit of a volume issue with the finale, if a loud sound persists please use...
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  4. Small Tweaks

    • Slight redesign of the back flank route
    • Finalizing nav mesh and popfile
    • Improved boss sequence and fixed particles thanks to Exactol
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  5. To infinibeta, and beyond!

    -Map has been given an art pass and is now at the beta level of completion
    -General improvements across the board, too many to list in any patch notes

    Zip File Includes
    • Map and Nav file
    • 3 Missions, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
    • Crucial template file


    1. spacepost_b1_1.jpg
    2. spacepost_b1_2.jpg
    3. spacepost_b1_3.jpg
    4. spacepost_b1_4.jpg
    5. spacepost_b1_5.jpg
    6. spacepost_b1_6.jpg
    7. Spacepost_b1_7.jpg
    8. spacepost_b1_8.jpg
    9. Spacepost_b1_9.jpg
    10. Spacepost_b1_10.jpg
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  6. BigFootBeto Fixes Everything

    -Cleaned up all brushwork and everything is nicely on grid.
    -Overhauled Lighting.
    -New displacements outdoors.
    -Detailing prep.
    -Remade skybox.
    -Enhanced Hologram area.
    -Improved deathpit.

    -Added areaportals.

    -Redesigned stairs near deathpit.
    -Added a roof to the upper exit leading outside.
    -Adjusted health/ammo.
    -Removed some dewm props.
    -Removed Railings from deathpit.
    -Adjusted bomb carrier arrows.
    -Adjusted spectator cameras.


    1. spacepost_a4_1.jpg
    2. spacepost_a4_2.jpg
    3. spacepost_a4_3.jpg
    4. spacepost_a4_4.jpg
    5. spacepost_a4_5.jpg
    6. spacepost_a4_6.jpg
  7. Minor Layout Tweakings

    -Hatch has been moved back and lowered for better gameplay when defending
    -New shortcut from hatch to middle, one way dropdown
    -Deathpit readjusted to be smaller and less intrusive
    -Ramp added around upgrade builing in front, top area is now playable and buildable
    -Fixed rendering issue up front by bot drop down


    1. spacepost_a3b_1.jpg
    2. spacepost_a3b_2.jpg
    3. spacepost_a3b_3.jpg
    4. spacepost_a3b_4.jpg
    5. spacepost_a3b_5.jpg
  8. The expanded universe

    A new update for spacepost!

    Included in the zip
    -Map bsp
    -Map nav
    -Two popfiles
    -Template popfile (important!)
    -Class Icons

    -New advanced popfile!

    Layout and Map Changes

    -An incredible amount of health and ammo added around the map
    -Altered lower right bomb route to take new path near the hatch
    -Redid covered path in the back of the open area to be a balcony
    -Redid top right...