Spacepost b4

Defend against the robot invasion on Red's crucial spacepost

  1. Beeps and Boops

    • Adjusted outdoor stairs
    • Half-clipped spiral stairs (the slope is too steep to fully clip them and you'd just get stuck)
    • Lowered volume of some sounds
    • Robots now beep and boop
    • Fixed getting stuck on a displacement
    • Aligned some textures better
    • Adjusted displacement alphas
    • Adjusted some misc details
    • Adjusted some clipping
    • Disabled fog
    • Changed one red ammo overlay to be white
    • Fixed a nodraw
    • A bit more optimization
    • Fixed Robot entity spam (probably)
    Robot class icons are now provided in their own folder instead of being packed along with the map, be sure to install them to play the map properly!
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