Soot a21a

A koth map designed for competitive play (how original)

  1. Spleep


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Recent Updates

  1. packing is wack
  2. so we back in the mine
  3. minor stuff

Recent Reviews

  1. Zeus3005
    Version: a20b
    Great map!
  2. terrypvlynch
    Version: a16b
    I actually love this map, perfect for 6s, I played with bots but everything seemed relatively balanced, there's some things like not being able to jump from the window ledge area as easy and you have to do some kinda side strafe instead of just jumping straight but really there aren't a lot of flaws, all the good sentry spots are more or less counterable but also defendable, it's easy to defend the point and easy to take the point, It seemed very, fair. I actually have trouble finding anything wrong with this map I might just continue playing it on my own time LMAO
  3. Parzivle
    Version: a10c
    Excellent map. Easy to understand. I hope this gets in the game someday. This is sooo much better than the official maps.