Soot a7b

koth map #367

  1. more big brain

    - redid the new area to be a little less weird
  2. a smarter fix

    - block a sightline in a much smarter way
  3. cave update 2 experimental boogaloo

    half the people say its fun, the other half say its generic
    I had an idea and it probably sucks but here goes

    - the other building is now a cave (and a dropdown)
    - removed some cover from mid
    - fixed some clipping stuff
    - fixed some sightlines caused by the formerly mentioned dropdown
    - other stuff probably
    - if this change works I'm probably pushing into beta
  4. almost beta maybe?

    turns out the spawns were different for each team in the last version. whoops.
    people seem to think the map is fun, if a bit generic.
    might push this into beta soon if no big issues are found in this version.

    - clipped the various walls
    - fixed the spawns, and adjusted their positions a bit
    - adjusted cap time slightly
    - enlarged the mid point to make it less of a tight area
  5. feel the flow

    imp was low on players again but it was more than the last time it was low so whatever
    I think people enjoyed it

    - raised height of doors
    - clipped some stuff
    - tweaked the spawns a bit
    - some other stuff maybe
  6. aaaaa

    - fixed a really bad sightline i missed
  7. quick fix

    - fixed a clipping bug
  8. the cave update

    playtest went fine, still a little bland

    - redid the mid building to be more interesting
    - fix clipping issues
    - opened up some sightlines
    - changed the theme back to desert
    - changed the sky again
    - slightly flattened the buildings at mid for better gameplay
    - increased the size of some areas
    - kept the new flank for now cause only like one person even mentioned it
    - some other stuff
    - ill fix the spawn rooms in the next update I promise
  9. wacky changes

    map played alright, but was a bit generic

    - made point less boring
    - moved around cover
    - added h i g h l y e x p e r i m e n t a l flank to other side of point
    - tried to make the middle lobby a little more interesting
    - added prop jump piles to places
    - changed the ground and skybox because why not
    - clipped some stuff
    - added some no-builds
    - some other stuff probably
  10. i really should check this stuff more often

    - unsimplified that route I talked about because of a really awful sightline
    - also removed access for non mobile class to that box because of another awful sightline

    probably shouldn't have made that many changes anyways because of how small the test was

    oh well