Proot a6b

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Proot a6b

highlander branch for soot

it's like soot, but pro...

i guess
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. your mom

    - ok i actually fixed it now
  2. hey lois that reminds of the time i fucked up the spawns

    - fixed red players spawning in blue spawn
  3. family guy!!!!!

    - re-artpassed everything - reworked the sniper balconies - optimized stuff just a teency bit - clipping pass for that re-artpass - lowered sh4rt spot

Latest reviews

Honestly just a fun, well-crafted Highlander map. I really like Proot, it improved on the original Soot a lot and I think it's a great map. There's good combat areas, I feel like I'm always in control of my own life, it's just a fun time really. The artpass of the map is also really pretty, it manages to have an autumn theme without fucking up the team colours? Like you've achieved what so many other maps failed, good job! 10/10 map, would definitely recommend to servers.