Smalltime RC1

A small PASS Time map. Smalltime.

  1. It's done chief

    - Minor visual adjustments and fixes for a more pleasurable gaming experience
    - Minor additional optimization
    - Minor balancing

    Aaaand that's the RC1. In true mapping fashion there are probably a few visual errors and strange things I've missed, but who stops me from doing an RC2 later down the line.

    Closing the book on this one as I am satisfied with it and generally wanna move onto new things.

    The "PASS Time+ Logic Pack" I had promised a while ago will get released...
  2. Small map, small update

    Test went smoothly with little problems. These are mostly small changes that won't impact the map massively. Need more data on the mid changes.


    - Reduced Respawn Times 7.5 > 7
    Ultimately I think 7 is a good middleground between "deaths matter and map isn't overpopulated at all times" and "you still want some people yknow"

    - Increased Pass distance from 1024 to 1324

    - Minor visual fixes and improvements
  3. Hey Medic, JACK me bro


    - Updates to the "JACK in Base!" Alarm System:
    -- Now ONLY activates if the enemy carries/throws the JACK into your base. You can freely move into your base with the JACK and it will not trigger the alarm or announcer voice line.
    -- Picking up the JACK while the alarm is active in your base will disable it, too.

    This should make the alarm more reliable and reduce the amount of times it plays drastically.

    - Added visual effect on user screen border whenever they are under...
  4. The Very Small Update


    - Minor visual fixes and improvements
    - The point at which the ball hits the wall when spawned is now broken
    - Updated MOTD image
    - Increased loser speed boost by 1 second

    Long story short, it seems like the map now both plays well and runs well on most machines..
    If nothing else comes up and I remain satisfied with the layout and gameplay, I will probably move onto a release. And with that, the funny PASS Time+ template that contains all the crackhead...
  5. Let's go all out actually

    One day I will upload the map without uploading an Xa version after 6 hours. One day.

    All this update does is:

    - Mention the Sentry Resistance in the MOTD image
    - Increase the Sentry Resistance from 20% to 40%!!

    The most important rule in testing things like this is to test in extremes. These usually give you better data to work with and generally give you a better impression of what the changes actually do. Then adjust these extremes - if they even turn out to be extremes in the...
  6. The Buff Engine



    - Increased base respawn times: 7 > 7.5

    - Increased fire rate buff of the JACK: 20% > 25%

    - Increased reload speed buff of the JACK: 20% > 30%

    - Added new radial buff for the JACK: 20% Sentry damage resistance.
    An experimental change that tries to account for the lack of traditional uber pushes you see in gamemodes like Payload due to the nature of PASS Time's back...
  7. Edge case Logic Fix + minor playerclip

    I have attached the largest diaper around this map's fucky logic I could find. You cannot break this map's logic at all anymore. never

    This update literally just fixed being able to break it if you were to do something insanely specific in a 300ms timeframe - that shit is gone now



  8. Crashing this map with no survivors

    B6 unfortunately had a bug in my implementation of the new "Buff Sphere" - the trigger I was using really didn't like me doing DisableAndEndTouch and would, under still unknown circumstances, crash the server by entering an infinite loop internally.

    Is this crash fixed now? I honestly can't tell. I changed the method of implementation and generally cleaned up a lot of I/O clutter/Optimized when some logic is fired.

    Hopefully this map does not crash anymore.

    The crash fix isn't the...
  9. get ball -> shoot fast

    Last playtest was a pretty valuable lesson in confirming my initial belief: PASS Time as a gamemode *needs* a JACK buff.

    Without the buff, pacing has slowed down massively, and avg. round duration went back to your usual "round goes to time". And while I don't doubt that the usual 6 designated PASS Time Engineers had a lot to do with it, older demos which had the usual engineer action but included the minicrit buff still had way faster pacing.

    I can recognize the problems and frustrations...
  10. Areaportal Hotfix

    The last version had a pretty fatal areaportal bug in it. This version fixes it.