Smalltime A16b

A small Pass Time map. Smalltime.

  1. I Just Wanted To Try Out If The Update Function Works In The New Bot So Here Is This Small Change

    Upon scoring, the team that got scored on will now be granted a speed boost in spawn that lasts 4 seconds and stays in their spawn for 14 seconds.
    This should make it easier for the losing team to recover a bit and also make their spawn area a no-no for enemies to dwelve in after scoring without affecting combat in outside areas.

    Something like this is actually present in official PASS Time maps - the speed boost pickups.

    Except they only work for one person.

    And then have to respawn....
  2. Actually Do Let Me Try Out The Lower Highground For Attackers

    I originally wanted to do this in the next version but I might as well do it in this one.

    While I fully intend to give aggressors the majority of the advantage when trying to score, the highground they are given did feel a little bit too imposing at times.

    As such, I have taken the entire high-rope and lowered it by roughly 32Hu, bringing the height advantage they had from 288 to 256 - the magic number.

    I also took the time and updated the map's screenshots to more properly reflect it's...
  3. Finally removing Capture Crits!

    Last test of this map was pretty bad. Stacked teams and the famous "JACK short circuits carrier" effect caused for some awkward and frustrating issues.
    But I still wanted to make a few changes to deal with some issues that did become present with this map test:

    - Disabled Capture Crits! Something that I think a large group of people will be happy with. Capture Crits have been a large pain in the arse of this map and had gameplay implications that were far, far too severe to ignore....
  4. fuck you movies

    movie doesnt work, I cry, here is the map with a lower filesize, boohoo
  5. A movie of a slightly larger room


    - The map now features an Intro Movie! It's a generic one filmed on Brickyard that explains how PASS Time works. More info here:

    - Fixed Hint/various triggers not being stretched to fit the new defensive buildng width

    - Made the room and door of the left (BLU) bottom room at mid a bit wider. giving you a bit more space to fight there.

    - Fixed being able to stand in the Throw-in Goals
  6. System Changes And Other Neat Shit

    I've had a rude awakening: The caching issues which were apparently fixed are still present, causing the changes made in the previous update which relied on overwriting game files to flop in a hilarious fashion. Means that axing the ball trail, shield icons and goal icons in the HUD will break if you load any map before the specific pass time one.

    I have found other means to achieve my goals though! This update includes some exciting system changes.


    - The JACK Carrier...
  7. Optimization/Fixes/Mid Episode 3


    - Hopefully actually performed the changes from 13b. CompilePal has failed me and didn't seem to actually properly pack the shit, leading to only some stuff working. I'm manually packing using VIDE now, and tests have shown that it *should* work now - the trail and shield icon removal.

    - Changed mid again. The previous one has resulted in mid becoming the Hyrule Temple fight pit in which explosive classes reign and everyone else suffers.
    To counteract this, I have changed...
  8. Goodbye, HUD clutter!

    A pretty major update, despite the map's layout not being touched.

    Once again with Burguers' help, we were able to change some fundamental aspects of PASS Time to make the gamemode (hopefully) a lot better.


    - Removed the JACK Ball Trail effect!
    The first thing that annoys people a lot - the JACK Ball Trail. Unlike the Flag in Capture the Flag who has a cute effect, this Trail absolutely *dominates* everything you see and sticks around for a long time. It massively...
  9. Will, come back!

    Announcer Changes, again:
    - Switched TTS model back to WillFromAfar as Queen Elizabeth was pretty negatively received and doesnt have the spunk.
    - To fight the old feedback of him talking too slow though, I have manually mixed and shortened every single line of the 55 voice lines. Includes reverb since he is the announcer afterall. Hopefully this will be the best announcer yet.

    - Fixed displacements peeking out the ground at the cubby around the goals.
  10. Fuck ball yoink buffs, me and my homies hate ball yoink buffs.


    - Reduced the duration of both the speed boost and invulnerability when picking up/Intercepting/stealing the JACK!

    This should make a decently big difference! The default duration for the speedboost/invul is 2 seconds, and thanks to Mr. Burguers I was able to cut it down to 0.5 seconds instead. Due to the map's small size, 2 seconds of a speed/invul was just too much - this change should be *very* noticeable!