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A small Pass Time map. Smalltime.

  1. Fluury
    Introducing "Smalltime" : A small Pass Time map.

    This map is an experiment to try to make Pass Time a pub friendly gamemode.

    Default Pass Time with it's default maps is a pretty bad time in pubs due to the complete lack of coordination. Making it through the 3500 Hammer Unit death march with the ball is incredibly difficult in such an environment, especially when sentries come into play.
    It doesn't help that Pass Time is a very confusing gamemode at first, making it very hard to learn for new players.

    Even in custom maps by the community Pass Time tends to be a very very large map, which unfortunately brings the same problems.
    Matches almost *always* end in a stalemate: scoring goals is a rarity, rather than a common thing. Unless you somehow muster up a coordinated environment, Pass Time simply doesn't work in pubs under the current circumstances.

    Smalltime attempts to fix this issue by doing two things:

    - Having a small map with an even smaller distance between jack spawn and goals
    - Removing 1 type of goal and keeping Passtime gimmicks at a minimum

    Smalltimes small map size naturally makes it hard for teams to scatter. It's also very "straight forward" - you won't get lost.
    The distance between ball spawn and run-in goal is incredibly small - it takes a scout maybe a few seconds to go from spawn to goal if uninterrupted.
    This means that short bursts of coordination/a single player has the ability to consistently score a goal since you will no longer have to go on an insanely long run. Sentries will still be a factor, but the small distance makes it far less punishing to get caught by one/hopefully there aren't any impenetrable sentry spots. Similar to how in real life soccer the ball could fly from one end to the other pretty quickly, you will probably want a defensive squad at most times that keeps the backline in check.

    Smalltime also only features two goals: Run-in and bonus. This mostly serves to make the gamemode easier to understand. Run-in: 1 point. The thing at the top when it's open? 3 points. Straightforward and you will no longer have to explain to people that only 1 kind of big blue hole is the bonus one.

    Obviously I haven't actually tested this map with real players. And boy am I excited to see if this map is a catastrophic failure or success.
    A limitation I am aware of is the hardcoded passtime point limit: It's always only up to 5 points. Depending on the frequency of goals in such a small environment, this could be problematic.

    We'll have to see. Smell ya on a map test.


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