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Smalltime RC1a

A small PASS Time map. Smalltime.

  1. Fluury
    PASS Time but small with a bunch of gamemode changes to make the gamemode more fitting for pubs.

    It's supposed to be an extreme experiment of what would happen if you take the gamemode that is known for it's open world sandbox maps and put it into a rather minimal size.
    It also houses a large amount of gamemode changes to make the gamemode of PASS Time better for pubs. These range from giving the JACK Carrier a visible outline to a custom Announcer that informs players of important events.

    PASS Time+ Logic Prefab for all the logic and the .vmf of this here!
    You can read about why I made all these funky changes here.

    Workshop Link

    - you B )
    - Mr.Burguers for helping out with logic and teaching me the ropes
    - MegapiemanPHD for taking the honorable role of the PASS Time announcer

    - Fubar's quality plumbing set
    - Kaleidescoop's PASS Time Goal Signs
    - FGD5's "More Vehicles" Prop Pack
    - Yrr's Jump Pad Prefab


    1. small_screen1.jpg
    2. small_screen2.jpg
    3. pass_plus_promo_image.jpg
    4. small_screen3.jpg
    5. small_screen4.jpg
    6. small_screen5.jpg
    7. small_screen6.jpg
    8. small_screen7.jpg
    9. small_screen8.jpg
    10. small_screen9.jpg
    11. small_screen10.jpg
    12. small_screenmmm.png
    13. small_scredddddddsm.png
    14. small_screenmsssm.png
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