Slaughter B1B

A small, focused King of the Hill map set in a meat packing plant - watch your step!

  1. New 'n' tasty!



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  2. The One Where You Can Finally See Something For Once

    War never changes, but this map sure does! Here's what changed in Alpha 5:

    - Moved spawnrooms 256 units to their respective "right," to make it more centered and clear with the paths to mid.
    - Replaced gate entrance to mid for a new layout and to cut sightlines to the resupply doors.
    - Changed clipping on stair steps to blockbullets.
    - Fixed conveyors under the point not having sound.
    - Added narrow walkways on either side of the top of the meat grinders.
    - Lowered meat grinders by 12...
  3. The One Where I Finally Let In Some Natural Goddamn Light

    My mouse was broken and double-clicking for a bit so this was a bit delayed! On the bright side that meant A3 got a decent amount of testing and I've made sure to address as much of the feedback as I could! Here's what's changed!

    - Raised wide doorways to mid slightly.
    - Added second set of short stairs leading up to the area across from spawns.
    - Extensive clipping pass on all doorways and windows.
    - Disabled collisions on lights under mid.
    - Closed off gap underneath the suspended stairs...
  4. The One Where I Spend Too Many Hours on an Easter Egg

    Alpha 3! Here we go! Here's what changed!

    - Fixed texture scroll rate on conveyors not matching the speed of their respective trigger_push
    - Fixed collisions on handrails to match their use in maps such as Gorge and Powerhouse. [Playerclipped, no collisions]
    - Raised playerclipping on overhead conveyors - placeholder cows are no longer clipped and won't get in the way of jumpers.
    - Improved clipping on floodlights and resupply signs to prevent players from being able to stand on them.
  5. The One Where Sightlines Are Cut

    Here comes Alpha 2! The layout seemed to play pretty well in Alpha 1, but there were some changes made overall to make things better - lets see what sticks! Here's what changed!

    - Added additional side route buildings up to the conveyors looking over the point.
    - Opened up previously closed conveyors at mid.
    - Added small bridge over the conveyors unaffected by their motion.
    - Lowered height of the tunnels slightly.
    - Expanded side exit areas of spawns.
    - Cut sightlines across mid.
    - Cut...
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