KotH Slaughter B1B

A small, focused King of the Hill map set in a meat packing plant - watch your step!

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    Slaughter - A small, focused King of the Hill map set in a meat packing plant - watch your step!

    Like lambs to the slaughter, so too are you to this new King of the Hill map!

    Focused on quick bursts of combat, swift flanks, and hazardous traversal, Slaughter is set totally indoors in a meat packing plant and slaughterhouse, and it's up to you to decide who's on the menu! Though watch your step - the central control point is surrounded by two industrial meat grinders, and endless possibilities to trip, fall, and get knocked back into them!
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  3. Idolon

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    Sightlines (that scare me)
    from the point room all the way to right spawn exit
    aaaaall the way across from right/mid entrance to the one across the map, across the point as well
    there are several positions for snipers that cover a lot of ground. not inherently bad, but i personally try to make snipers as predictable as possible in positioning so that sniper anxiety in other players is lower

    Other layout stuff
    this room kinda worries me because it's cramped and gives some good cover - soldiers can't bomb it, and the only way in is a staircase somewhat deep in enemy territory. i don't think its a guaranteed disaster but it smells a bit like one (EDIT: i broke this link somehow?? anyways its the room that you use to get onto the conveyor belt)
    the conveyor belt is interesting because it's a risk-reward height advantage over the point, but the window i'm in basically nullifies that - the height advantage is more or less the same and it's waaaay safer to be in/on
    the crates on point probably provide less cover than you want them to, but i'm not really sure
    the grinders as a whole worry me because most successful koth maps have point areas that you don't really need to "worry about" when fighting on - you can just focus on the fighting instead of whether or not you're going to fall off a ledge or run into a wall. the point is going to be the area of most fighting, probably. "endless possibilities to trip, fall, and get knocked back into [the grinders]" sounds terrible to me

    these conveyors push you faster than the texture actually scrolls, which is disorienting
    standing right here gets both grinder sounds playing in both ears at the same time and it's actually kind of uncomfortable. not sure what you can do about this other than just having one sound for both, or making them both quiet
    almost every doorway is just under 128 units tall - standard convention is 160 units with a smaller trim, and these doorways feel oddly small because of it. also wide doorways like this one tend to be even taller than that - gorge is probably a good map to look at for a lot of varying door sizes
    lowering the grinders into the ground a bit (32-64 units) would make the area feel a bit safer but still actually be just as dangerous. it just produces anxiety which i don't think you want in a multiplayer environment

    Spitballing an idea for a different point design
    section drawing cut through the point. left is current, right is proposed idea. my idea is to make the conveyor belt area more relevant to the point by making it an area players can actually flow in and out of (rather than just out of). this also opens up the area below the point, making it a proper fighting area rather than a small flank (sorta like badlands under the bridge). the conveyor belts might not be turned on so that it's easier to navigate on.
    you would need to re-organize the point area a bit so that getting onto the platform through non-conveyor means isn't an ordeal. maybe instead of raising the capture point up, you drop the conveyors and floor surrounding the point down? you would also probably want to make the path up to the point less symmetrical so that taking left/right out of spawn "means more;" i.e. the routes do significantly different things.
    a lot of this proposal is basically just "make it more like badlands" and imitating other maps is kinda sorta bad (but not really??) so take it with several grains of salt i guess
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  4. Xelily

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    im scared of what this map is gonna look like when its in rc... (i can easily throw up to gore and bits of blood so i might not even run around in this map)
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  5. Void

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    The overhead conveyors will likely be stripped down to just meathooks and the occasional cardboard cutout cow slightly out of view, I don't think I'd do any specifically gory elements in it apart from the bloody grinder areas, so no worries!
  6. LeSwordfish

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    I've not played it but I think i'm in agreement with Idolon on the grinders: Throwing/knocking people into deathpits is fun, but accidentally wandering into a deathpit while dodging a rocket is NOT FUN, and the current setup looks more likely to have the second than the first - it looks like most knockback effects would just bounce people straight over them.
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  7. Xelily

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    ah... thanks thats a relief the only way i can play tf2 is trying to not look at the gore of other players... yet i can still play mortal kombat but not do any fatalities
  8. Viemärirotta

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    First thing that popped to my head when seeing this:

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pscI5STGlh4

    (Soundtrack to a heist aka mission called Slaughterhouse in PAYDAY 2, which is a ported mission from the older game Payday: The Heist. Soundtrack's basically a new version of the original one.)
  9. A Moderately Priced Shoe

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    Oh, someone else who's heard of PAYDAY 2. I have played it and in Slaughterhouse there can be a pig carcass filled with drugs from a crazy russian(or is he ukrainian?) named Vlad. Mainly it involves stealing gold from mercenaries (from a PMC). I honestly hope there is a reference to said heist in this map. And wasn't there already a map taking place in a slaughterhouse? I think it was a 72hr map...
  10. Berry

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  12. Void

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    Here comes Alpha 2! The layout seemed to play pretty well in Alpha 1, but there were some changes made overall to make things better - lets see what sticks! Here's what changed!

    - Added additional side route buildings up to the conveyors looking over the point.
    - Opened up previously closed conveyors at mid.
    - Added small bridge over the conveyors unaffected by their motion.
    - Lowered height of the tunnels slightly.
    - Expanded side exit areas of spawns.
    - Cut sightlines across mid.
    - Cut sightlines from tunnels to spawn.
    - Improved cover with placeholder models.
    - Fixed clipping on a set of stairs that previously had none.
    - Added clipping to handrails throughout.
    - Improved lighting in certain areas.
    - Adjusted speed of conveyor texture scrolling to better match the speed of the trigger_push on the conveyors.
    - Added directional signage.
    - Added func_nobuild to high crate piles at mid to avoid superior height advantages, and to cargo container areas near spawn to discourage spawn camping.
    - Added steam whistles for respective teams on capture.

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  13. Contra

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    Alright, so I love this map. It really encourages aggressive deathmatching, and the conveyors feel fucking AWESOME to rocket jump off of, because you get so much momentum off of it.

    My only recomendations thus far would be to add more conveyor belts around the map to encourage faster rollouts. Perhaps placing conveyors in riskier sightlines to give an incentive for people to take that risk, with slower routes being safer and lacking those conveyors.

    Also, noclip the overhanging cows or raise the ceiling some more. When rocket jumping off conveyors, I was hitting my head on those and falling onto the point- it was very annoying, and if your goal in this map is to reward aggressive mobility and DM, a higher ceiling will help that.

    Anyways, I don't think I've ever played an A1 that played this well. Haven't played A2 yet, but I'm sure it's great.
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  14. Void

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    Alpha 3! Here we go! Here's what changed!

    - Fixed texture scroll rate on conveyors not matching the speed of their respective trigger_push
    - Fixed collisions on handrails to match their use in maps such as Gorge and Powerhouse. [Playerclipped, no collisions]
    - Raised playerclipping on overhead conveyors - placeholder cows are no longer clipped and won't get in the way of jumpers.
    - Improved clipping on floodlights and resupply signs to prevent players from being able to stand on them.
    - Fixed players, buildings, and stickies being able to go inside the generator lights.
    - Replaced doorframe placeholder brushwork with models, where applicable.
    - Additional signage.
    - Added stronger lighting to the sniper decks at mid to make any Snipers there more vulnerable.
    - Fixed Engineers being able to build in the vent the conveyor comes out of in spawn.
    - Fixed the Far Z Clip Plane being visible in the player space.
    - Added a medium health kit alongside the full ammo pack on either side.
    - Slight changes to the area beneath the capture point.

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  15. Void

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    My mouse was broken and double-clicking for a bit so this was a bit delayed! On the bright side that meant A3 got a decent amount of testing and I've made sure to address as much of the feedback as I could! Here's what's changed!

    - Raised wide doorways to mid slightly.
    - Added second set of short stairs leading up to the area across from spawns.
    - Extensive clipping pass on all doorways and windows.
    - Disabled collisions on lights under mid.
    - Closed off gap underneath the suspended stairs near mid.
    - Disabled collisions on cage lights over conveyors.
    - Added additional lighting to the right-side spawn exits.
    - Slight dev-texture detailing to the spawn areas.
    - Adjusted distance of the fog to be further away.
    - Opened up windows to actual skybox brushes, letting in environmental light.
    - Added railings to the top platform of the suspended stairs near mid.
    - Additional signage to indicate difference in combat areas.
    - Fixed clipping on the metal barriers at mid.
    - Added slight "bumpers" to the conveyors at mid to aim towards funneling players out and on to the point.
    - Improved spectator camera positions.

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  16. Asd417

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    Look at those blood! Did you grind an elephant or something?
    Somewhat reminds me of Hydro (if ANYBODY knows how it looks)
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  17. Pocket

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    Have you heard of this thing called "sillygibs", by the way?
  18. Xelily

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    ill check it out I'm tired since I went over to my dad's mother's place for a baby shower... so tired -__-.
  19. Void

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    War never changes, but this map sure does! Here's what changed in Alpha 5:

    - Moved spawnrooms 256 units to their respective "right," to make it more centered and clear with the paths to mid.
    - Replaced gate entrance to mid for a new layout and to cut sightlines to the resupply doors.
    - Changed clipping on stair steps to blockbullets.
    - Fixed conveyors under the point not having sound.
    - Added narrow walkways on either side of the top of the meat grinders.
    - Lowered meat grinders by 12 units.
    - Lowered the room beneath mid by 32 units.
    - Opened up some more windows to natural light.
    - Increased overall brightness of the player space.
    - Made it clearer that the space underneath the suspended stairs at mid is not accessible.
    - Players who fall into the meat grinders can now help their teammates - or their enemies - in death.

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  20. Gorgonzilla

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    I don't know if it matters too much, because it's kinda out of the way, and it's a5, but:

    This isn't clipped/blockbulleted and that might be annoying, but it's such a small hight difference that it might not matter.

    Love this :)

    Really dark props.


    This is such a cool idea/ detail.


    You can double jump from here onto the point with the Winger. Great scaling.


    Snipers can take shots from here, duck, charge up their shots, and get people repeatedly if a team has a good hold on the area.


    Had to add this :p

    Hope the feedback helps