Slaughter B1B

A small, focused King of the Hill map set in a meat packing plant - watch your step!

  1. The One Where You Can Finally See Something For Once

    War never changes, but this map sure does! Here's what changed in Alpha 5:

    - Moved spawnrooms 256 units to their respective "right," to make it more centered and clear with the paths to mid.
    - Replaced gate entrance to mid for a new layout and to cut sightlines to the resupply doors.
    - Changed clipping on stair steps to blockbullets.
    - Fixed conveyors under the point not having sound.
    - Added narrow walkways on either side of the top of the meat grinders.
    - Lowered meat grinders by 12 units.
    - Lowered the room beneath mid by 32 units.
    - Opened up some more windows to natural light.
    - Increased overall brightness of the player space.
    - Made it clearer that the space underneath the suspended stairs at mid is not accessible.
    - Players who fall into the meat grinders can now help their teammates - or their enemies - in death.


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