Slaughter B1B

A small, focused King of the Hill map set in a meat packing plant - watch your step!

  1. The One Where I Finally Let In Some Natural Goddamn Light

    My mouse was broken and double-clicking for a bit so this was a bit delayed! On the bright side that meant A3 got a decent amount of testing and I've made sure to address as much of the feedback as I could! Here's what's changed!

    - Raised wide doorways to mid slightly.
    - Added second set of short stairs leading up to the area across from spawns.
    - Extensive clipping pass on all doorways and windows.
    - Disabled collisions on lights under mid.
    - Closed off gap underneath the suspended stairs near mid.
    - Disabled collisions on cage lights over conveyors.
    - Added additional lighting to the right-side spawn exits.
    - Slight dev-texture detailing to the spawn areas.
    - Adjusted distance of the fog to be further away.
    - Opened up windows to actual skybox brushes, letting in environmental light.
    - Added railings to the top platform of the suspended stairs near mid.
    - Additional signage to indicate difference in combat areas.
    - Fixed clipping on the metal barriers at mid.
    - Added slight "bumpers" to the conveyors at mid to aim towards funneling players out and on to the point.
    - Improved spectator camera positions.


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