Sinshine rc3

Halloween version of Sunshine.

  1. phi
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    A spooky trip into darkness and a hellish landscape, dotted with pumpkins and clocktowers. All Hallow's Eve is upon us, take a walk in this nightmarish 5cp map known only as SINSHINE. (Get it? It's like SUNshine, but with SIN!)

    This is a halloween adaptation of the well-known competitive CP map known as Sunshine - with a remade last point to facilitate more wicked play, a large clocktower in place of the old lighthouse on second to mediate more dastardly tricks, and 5 deathpits located near (or under!) every cap of the map. Tread wisely!

    Map made by Phi.
    Additional detailing and optimization help by iiboharz.
    Round stair model on second made by joshuaC.
    Additional support provided by Crash.


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Recent Reviews

  1. velvy
    Version: rc3
    Great work on Sinshine! You deserved it to be added!
  2. Anonymous
    Version: rc3
  3. The Letter Before A
    The Letter Before A
    Version: rc3
    A very well done and overall perfectly goofy artpass of sunshine.
    Wouldn't be surprised if this got in as Halloween version.
  4. Yellow
    Version: rc3
    Had a lot of fun on this map. Not nearly as random as the other maps and the first 5cp Halloween map in the game, it is my favorite event map this year.