siezentra a5

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siezentra a5

Well-like koth with buildings for cover and side-routes

A simple koth map, involving ramps, side-areas, and two buildings per side. The larger of the two being behind the point, and a smaller one next to the point.
Construction Zombie
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. a5 update

    Handful of changes, many of the glaring mistakes rectified -Sun now points directly downward. -Optimized big warehouse. -Slight changes to courtyard between big warehouse and point. -left flank now covered (no wierd-looking out of bounds area...
  2. a4 update

    I've been working along at a comfortable pace, and believe it's time this map gets looked at. Divider added between big storage and spawn (divider is dev-textured until I figure out how I really want it to look) Completely changed far left and...
  3. a3 update

    Clipped building stairs slightly brought back building and spawn, brings the spawn to point time up to something more reasonable new cover, further broke sightlines nobuild under building staircase