siezentra a5

Well-like koth with buildings for cover and side-routes

  1. Construction Zombie
    A simple koth map, involving ramps, side-areas, and two buildings per side. The larger of the two being behind the point, and a smaller one next to the point.


    1. 2016-01-10_00001.jpg
    2. 2016-01-10_00002.jpg
    3. 2016-01-10_00003.jpg
    4. 2016-01-10_00004.jpg
    5. 2016-01-10_00005.jpg
    6. 2016-01-10_00006.jpg
    7. 2016-01-10_00007.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. a5 update
  2. a4 update
  3. a3 update