siege_waldhofen a3

Fight over a needy KotH for control of a payload.

  1. Construction Zombie
    Have you ever wanted to play king of the hill AND payload at the same time?

    In this gamemode, you must capture the middle control point (which requires standing on it to progress, rather than a countdown timer) to unlock the winners of a payload. The payload winners now become the attacking team and must push the cart into the enemy; awarding points for capturing middle, crossing checkpoints, and crossing the last checkpoint.

    In this particular map up to 3 points can be gained per round, making it best for first to six for a best of three or first to nine for a best of five (I personally believe best of three would be better as incomplete captures still award points and would technically add more rounds the more incomplete captures there are). A successful defense awards the defending side one point, so if attackers got middle but defenders shut out all checkpoints both teams go up one point; if attackers got one checkpoint but not last then attackers go up two points and defenders go up one point. The way points are distributed per round puts the more aggressive team at an advantage, as they are awarded points during the round and defenders are awarded one point for a successful defense only at the end of the round.


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