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Team Deathmatch Gamemode V3

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Team Deathmatch Gamemode V3

Using the Player Destruction overlay, this collection of entities track players killed.

This collection of entities track player's that have been killed and tallies up kills. Optionally there is a focal point included that can also be added to your map that lets teams rack up more points, this focal point ideally should be used to deter teams from spawnkilling.
Construction Zombie
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Latest updates

  1. v3 update

    This version includes the alternate control point by killohurtz and vycter.
  2. v2 update

    Hello yes update With this update you no longer need to enclose your entire map in the trigger_multiple. Instead you need to have the trigger_brush entity inside your map, along with some small filter tweaks. If you would prefer to not take all...

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Thank you so much. This is really helpful for the stuff I'm making so thanks again. Also as long as you copy what you need to copy from the thingy then it works 100 percent.