sd_nowhere _a5

(hopefully) no longer KOTH with extra steps

  1. Tiftid
    This is my take on SD - teams don't have very direct routes to the australium from spawn, so instead of fighting over the australium and trying to take it to the rocket (as I designed sd_snail), they fight over mid in hopes of holding it long enough to bring the australium to themselves and capture.

    Since this map is over nine months old, it was very surprising to go back and work on it. I found it much harder than working on my more recent maps, because it was made at the time when I was first discovering the potential of angled geometry and displacements, and so I used them wherever I could, but not in the right ways, with very messy results.


    1. rocket1.jpg
    2. mid1.jpg
    3. australium1.jpg
    4. red_courtyard1.jpg

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