sd_nowhere _a2a

KOTH with extra steps

  1. Tiftid

    SD with three flags and one control point which you use to capture your flags, whereupon the control point becomes neutral and locks itself for 30 seconds.
    Plays to 7 points.
    Each team gets one flag that's easy for them to access and the possibility of taking the neutral flag.
    The 'teamed flags', when dropped, become neutral after 8 seconds and return after 16. Capping one of them scores 1 point.
    The neutral flag is an Australium briefcase which never becomes neutral when dropped and returns after 8 seconds. Capping it scores 2 points.
    You get 4 minutes (+ 60 seconds whenever you capture a flag), and if a team fails to win in that time, the map just stalemates.
    No flag-related voice lines (except for ones concerning the Australium) and no crits on capture.
    Mirrored symmetry out of necessity.

    Currently, I have no particular theme in mind, so just decided to set it "nowhere", which means "fairly generic desert alpha-detailing".

    I created this primarily out of a sudden urge to make "SD but good" which didn't fade even after a month had passed. I chose this specific way of making SD because I thought altering the number of flags you capture each time you capture the point by choosing individually as a player to go down different routes added lots of cool strategy that KOTH didn't have, hence "KOTH with extra steps". The spawns are also split to enforce this - half of the spawns point you towards your team's flag and the other half point you towards the neutral flag, but you can choose to go between either and the middle path towards the point, and rotate between routes in a manner typical to KOTH.

    Oh, also, if you want me to release a prefab of the control point logic, then reply to this thread and I'll do it.


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