sd_nowhere _a10d

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sd_nowhere _a10d

Specialer Delivery

*screenshots current as of A10a
*except the cover images, which are cherry-picked from several different versions of the map

This is my take on SD - teams don't have very direct routes to the australium from spawn, so instead of fighting over the australium and trying to take it to the rocket (as I designed sd_snail), they fight over mid in hopes of holding it long enough to bring the australium to themselves and capture.

Since this map is over nine months old, it was very surprising to go back and work on it. I found it much harder than working on my more recent maps, because it was made at the time when I was first discovering the potential of angled geometry and displacements, and so I used them wherever I could, but not in the right ways, with very messy results.

Well, over the course of development I tore out and replaced a lot of stuff.
Everything, actually.
First release
Last update
Special Delivery

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Latest updates

  1. A10D - If this still isn't fun, expect a full layout rework or new map

    -Added a third spawn exit that branches off from the rocket courtyard to go into the building connecting the two sides of the map -Adjusted the open side of the map so that you're safe from enemy snipers unless you go up to the top of the hill...
  2. A10C - Mundane Update that Excites Me Somehow

    -The hill at mid has been totally flattened, allowing snipers to see the control point from their battlements -The sniper side of mid now has some cover -We do a little detailing -It's now harder to hold the enemy team's spawn from the...
  3. A10B - the bridge is gone again

    -the bridge is gone again -it has been replaced with a shack that connects to the top of mid and contains the australium -mid also got its hills back I guess