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  1. Tiftid

    pl_spikyhats.zip _v1

    You don't need to credit me if you use prefab_tfconnect_tree.vmf, pl_point003.vmf, pl_point006.vmf, pl_point009b.vmf, tfconnect_tree_red.vmf or tfconnect_tree_blu.vmf, but you do if you use any of the other VMFs. The reason why the spikyhats logic prefab might be interesting to you despite the...
  2. Tiftid

    pl_monolithic _a1b

    This isn't the first map I made for TF2, nor is it the first map I made in Hammer - those titles both go to random unfinished VMFs from 2016. But this is the TF2 map I developed furthest and liked most before I joined these forums. That gives it the "first map" trophy in my eyes. The original...
  3. Tiftid

    [GUIDE] Following the Golden Rule

    Lately I've been thinking of writing another guide, since it's been the traditional 8 months since my last one. I have a kind of pipe-dream agenda of eventually writing a guide for every gamemode, even some unofficial ones. I think that would take around 7 years? But I've already covered the...
  4. Tiftid

    cp_tiftid_mc24 _a1

    A multi-stage A/D map set in a dark city that may or may not resemble koth_king depending on your outlook. The second stage has only one point. The initial plan was "BLU attacks A and B, then in Stage 2 they attack B from another angle and attack C", but C never got made. This is very...
  5. Tiftid

    TiftidLava logic prefab V1

    Tang asked for this a while ago so the entire world gets to have it. If you wanna compile it and play around, turn on all three visgroups. But if you just wanna copy and paste it into a map of your own, leave them all off. There's a known issue where it will sometimes fail to push you forward...
  6. Tiftid

    tc_babel _v4

    A very strange TC map rescued from the clutches of the demi-devils. In an attempt to confuse players less than usual, the capture points are all given letters, and mid is very simplistic and contains doorways into all four points. The final A/D round has been completely removed because it's...
  7. Tiftid

    pl_spikyhats _a1d

    Entry into Minor Contest 4 - TFConnect. The way it uses the tree is not immediately obvious from the screenshots (except for the obligatory "tree at last"), but I promise the trees are used in a creative way that's very central to the map's gameplay. Without going into too much detail - there...
  8. Tiftid

    cp_tiftid_mc23 _a1

    A DOMCP map set in the woods... kind of. I call it DOMCP because it has three control points along the map's line of symmetry, and owning all three at any given time will give you the W. But it's very nonstandard: 0) The teams roll out to each other's points. WIN: Cap the enemy point. Your...
  9. Tiftid

    tow_trainline _a1a

    A Tug of War map. I think the tagline explains it pretty well. If you push the cart all the way to the enemy base, you win, but you can also win by pushing the payload cart for a total of 180 seconds throughout the round. It's not possible to get all 180 seconds in one straight push, and the...
  10. Tiftid

    ig_airship _a1a

    An Instagib version of ctf_tiftid_mc21_a1. But it's not just Instagib - it's domcp (think cp_standin), but capturing a control point immediately scores you 10 PD points, and then roughly 1 per second if you wait long enough. Changes from the CTF version: -Flags removed (duh) -All signs related...
  11. Tiftid

    thief_tiftid_mc22 _a1

    A map inspired by the map cos_pilfer by asd417. It was made for Microcontest 22: Solids, where only 199 solids or less were permitted in a map for it to qualify for the microcontest. As it turns out, I only just made it with 198! I took inspiration from '90s and '90s-style maps, and unlike...
  12. Tiftid

    [OPEN] Tiftid's Sketchbook (Definitely not a front for my deranged ramblings)

    This post was mostly prompted by the fact that I thought I had lost a bunch of VMFs forever, but as luck would have it, I had uploaded many of them to Discord, which allowed me to redownload them. In order to make sure I don't lose them again, I've decided to share them with the world, since...
  13. Tiftid

    koth_tiftidlava2 _a3e

    A KOTH map with lava. But this is no normal lava - instead of instantly killing you, it deals 20 damage and flings you up and forward. The map's gameplay is somewhat tailored around this mechanic. The map is also pretty labyrinthine and vaguely halloween/hell-themed. Skybox is mpa95 by...
  14. Tiftid

    cp_fragment _a2

    A very rushed A/D map made to catch the very end of the 2022 72hr jam. @Sarexicus helped. Thanks!
  15. Tiftid

    pl_mysteriousvmf _test1

    A single stage of a multi-stage payload map. I think it comes in peace?
  16. Tiftid

    arena_mysteriousvmf2 _test1

    A 3-stage Graveyard-like arena map with only 2 stages. It's fucked up in many ways, but I did rudimentary testing and determined it was playable, so I've given you the gift of getting to play it.
  17. Tiftid

    [GUIDE] Navigating the Secret Dynamics of Single-Stage Payload

    So, you want to make a Payload map. And if you're anything like me when I was making my first maps, you also want to follow the classic "RED and BLU get one set of spawns to attack/defend A and B, then when B is captured they get new spawns to attack/defend C and D" formula. I find this formula...
  18. Tiftid

    ctf_tiftid_mc21 _a2

    Formerly part of a 2-stage map made for Microcontest 21. The CTF stage (which is now its own map) features a circular layout. The layout is very complex. Whenever the flag is stolen from your intel room, your team is force-respawned. Whenever the flag is picked up, the flag carrier is slowed to...
  19. Tiftid

    pl_boatload _b1

    I liked koth_tiftidwater, so I extended the concept into an entire single-stage 4-point payload map. It also features subtle other gimmicks, like BLU getting less time from capturing a control point if they do it too quickly.
  20. Tiftid

    koth_tifzy _a3a

    Zythe pitched in to help with this one. This map features "wind" in the form of vents that launch you towards a multi-leveled tower of a control point.