sd_nowhere _a5

(hopefully) no longer KOTH with extra steps

  1. The bridge of death is finally gone

    -The bridge of death is finally gone
    -It has been replaced with a pit in between the two sides of mid, requiring a team to control both sides before they can make use of the australium, which is something the bridge basically did
    -Added a wide, open path beside mid that encourages long-range combat, which should hopefully give Scouts and Spies a fun place to play
    -Finally removed the hill sightline
    -Reverted the point's captime from 40 seconds to 4 seconds, and re-introduced the mechanic...
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  2. A4B - I made a whoopsy

    -Fixed a bit of asymmetry arising from a change to mid that I forgot to talk about, where I took out the long wooden boardwalk in hopes of giving players more walking space
  3. A4A - Mhm. Yep.

    -The control point no longer locks for 40 seconds after the australium is picked up
    -Increased the control point's captime from 4 seconds to 40
    -Gave the rocket silo a slight visual overhaul
  4. A4 - The dropdowns are finally gone

    -RED's respawn wave time is now 6 seconds like I had originally intended it to be
    -Slightly shortened the bridge of death
    -The dropdowns leading under the bridge have been replaced with a more playable area
    -The australium is now only disabled for 40 seconds after being captured instead of 60
    -The australium is now only disabled for 40 seconds after the round starts instead of 60
    -When the australium is picked up from its pedestal, it locks the control point for 40 seconds
    -Added pretty...
  5. A3B - The Minor Correction

    -The australium now takes 65 seconds to enable after the round starts (up from 45)
    -I changed the colour of the lights at the bottom of each team's dropdown in A3A but forgot to mention it :mad:
    -I am considering making this not be a dropdown any longer but that'll have to wait for A4
  6. A3A - Thinking

    -Increased control point's captime from 2 seconds to 4 seconds
    -The australium now takes 60 seconds to be available again after a team captures, up from 45
    -The australium now has a return time of 20 seconds instead of 15, and no longer disables itself for 30 seconds after returning
    -Removed two medium ammo packs from the courtyard outside each team's spawn to nerf engineer slightly
    -Upgraded the medium ammo pack under the bridge to full in hopes of encouraging engineers to build there...
  7. A3 - The resurrection

    So, I might have looked like I abandoned this map for the past nine months. And I did, but I was later inspired with a new way to make SD better - and hopefully less like "KOTH with extra steps".

    The details are as follows:
    -Removed both teamed flags
    -Removed the speed boost pickup in the australium building
    -Moved the control point into the australium building, and rebuilt the control point area, featuring an enclosed bridge which the australium has been shoved into
    -The only dedicated...
  8. A2A - The Insignificant Hotfix

    -Increased the time the doors to the australium room take to open after the round starts from 10 seconds to 13.5 seconds, because players are frozen for 5 seconds at the start of the round, which meant that the door would close 5 seconds after they were first able to move, which meant that it barely hindered Scouts at all.
  9. A2 - The HUD Update

    -Created a HUD using PD logic

    -Changed the neutral flag to be an australium briefcase - it now never becomes neutral when dropped, and returns after 8 seconds instead of 16. This prevents cases where teams win the fight at the neutral flag spawn, but then die with the neutral flag on the point, giving an extra capture to their enemies. This prevention should reduce the average number of flags which point-focused teams capture.

    -The australium is now...
  10. A1A - The Day 1 Patch

    -removed the alarm that plays when a player uses the dropdown - I only added it in the first place because I was terrified that players would miss the dropdown, but it seems like they don't, or if they do, the alarm doesn't help.

    -increased the time the point locks for when a team captures from 10 seconds to 30, because teams were far too easily able to consecutively capture multiple flags, which shortened the round time drastically. This also led to...