Scarab RC4b

The scariest thing about this map is its brushwork

  1. The "Contained" Update

    • Added a secondary entrance to the Duat on the wooden battlements
    A complaint I had from a few people was that it could be difficult to enter the Duat if the previous open point was the Arch, as the other team would usually have a somewhat strong hold on the other area.
    • Adjusted the routes in the Duat
    The healthpits in the Duat were at dead ends, which made their effectiveness somewhat lacking. Now, they're on new/altered routes that continue on, though...
  2. The "Spectral" Update

    • Door to the Duat is now guaranteed to open when a curse occurs, instead of only having a chance to.
    In the last test, the door only opened twice over two rounds (both in the same round), which wasn't quite to my liking, and many players didn't realise the Duat existed at all. By having the door open upon every curse, hopefully there will be a lot more gameplay in the area.

    • Changed logic regarding winning/losing voicelines
    Previously the logic system I...
  3. The "Lost" Update

    • Added a new route to the cave/library connector
    I have been unhappy with how easily the courtyards next to mid have been held by oppressive teams, this route has been added to reduce some of that pressure and allow for more free-flowing gameplay in the area.

    • Added the Duat.
    This ancient place can provide a temporary refuge for those who need it, and provide treasures to those who can successfully brave its dangers. But be warned, every rose has its...
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  4. The "Boo!" Update

    Happy late anniversary!

    • Fixed a bug causing servers to crash after a round lasted too long
    • Fixed point deposit sounds not playing
    • Added new sound for souls dropping
    • Improved detailing in some areas
    • Improved capture zone particle
    • Improved bomb particle
    • Added a couple small easter eggs
    • Probably some other things!
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  5. The "Untitled" Update

    • Altered finale particles to fix an issue where a particle played longer than intended
    • Fixed losers hearing 'winning' lines when passing a certain point threshold
  6. The "Teeny Tiny" Update

    • Fixed an exploit related to Crummy's Burgers
    • Minor clipping fixes
    • Removed icons from effect notifications
  7. The "Particular" Update

    Apologies if I don't get to all the changes in this version, I didn't keep a written list this time around and the number of changes just kept increasing so this is from memory alone.

    • Added additional detail in OOB areas
    • Clipping improvements
    • Fixed some props floating
    • Fixed some props not lighting correctly
    • Adjusted position of several props
    • Fixed bomb explosion sound playing globally (for real this time I swear)
    • Improved particles (pickup, finale)
    • Improved...
  8. The "Release Candidate" Update

    Took a while, but we made it, RC1!
    Before I move on to the changelog i'd like to thank a few people in particular.
    Obviously, I need to first thank the wonderful asset creators, Freyja and Yrrzy, for their contributions to the map. There is exactly 0% chance that this map would release if it wasn't for them.
    Next up are those who contributed to the map, but in minor (but still very appreciated!) ways: Lofi, for their illustrations used for some overlays in the map; Maid, for their scutinous...
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  9. The "Painfully Close" Update

    • Lighting improvements
    • Blue side detail improvements
    • Bomb improvements (added particle, fixed sound, changed colours)
    • Optimisation improvements
    • Adjusted finale flash
    • Audio improvements
    • New icons (thanks Yrrzy!)
    • Voiceline improvements
    • Added custom pickup model
    • General detail improvements
    • Fog improvements
    • Skybox improvements
    • Bug fixes
    The next version will be RC1, the deadline has been moved up to 28/08
  10. The "Haunted" Update

    • Actually fixed red not being able to deposit points on B
    • Fixed bombs being globally audible to all players
    • Fog improvements
    • Reverted voiceline volume
    • Bug fixes
    • Icons hopefully packed this time
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