Sanctum Fortress A5

Start preparing for the attackers... By building defensive towers!

  1. A5-Gettin' there

    //Changelog A5

    //Added low gravity during wall building phase for red team, to help non-jumper classes get atop
    //Fixed buildings not being able to be built after wave
    //Fixed upgrade room not working
    //Fixed Gatebot trap stunning giants
    //Fixed some traps not properly reducing the tower credits and breaking the system
    //Walls can now be resold during the wall phase, also fixed an error relating to the nav (I couldn't make the buttons melee-only, but I did make it so your not going to buy...
  2. A4-the alotta stuff update

    Lets see:

    RD bots now spawn from bombs dropping and 10 spawn per reset on the 5 main bombs, they go for the hatch. Don't get overwelmed!
    2 new trap types: Croc traps instantly kills and collects money, but only works on non-bomb and non-giant bots. Ghost trap spooks foes.
    Gatebot trap now emits a blast that does 200 damage to RD bots when it triggers
    Balance changes to the missions, and cost of the lv2 sentry decreased to 3 and HP increased to 1500
    Players move 50% faster when they leave...
  3. more functionality!

    adv_tftd, another mission, this time showing off the ability to give fixed tower credits after waves, no bomb reset tower credits, and a timer before the doors open and the wave starts.
    to make the current wave give no tower credits on bomb reset
    to give tower credits after a wave that isn't 5...
  4. Hello (lights and) darkness, my old friend!

    Added lighting, that's kinda it, also changed the screenshots to show off a wave 1 maze you can build


    1. mvm_sanctum_fortress_a20000.jpg
    2. mvm_sanctum_fortress_a20001.jpg
    3. mvm_sanctum_fortress_a20002.jpg
    4. mvm_sanctum_fortress_a20003.jpg
    5. mvm_sanctum_fortress_a20004.jpg
    6. mvm_sanctum_fortress_a20005.jpg