experimental gamemode

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  1. Osac

    ARENA [MC22] Besieged

    Osac submitted a new resource: Besieged - An asymetrical arena map somewhat inspired by R6 and CS Read more about this resource...
  2. silky_tf

    kotf_throttle a1

    Koth/CTF hybrid gamemode. To cap the point at mid, bring any one of the enemy intelligence briefcases (each team has to defend 3) to the point to cap it.
  3. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94

    Sanctum Fortress A5

    A tower defense in mvm??? Yes! From the guy who brought you the technically impressive (but awfully designed) Preinvention! So this is a side project I've been working for a while now, and finally got the motivational boost to release the first build! It's a full-blown (sorta) tower defense in...
  4. Spipper

    Redplanet a6

    Just remembered I never made a thread for this map. So here we go: Redplanet is an experimental invade-ctf-koth map made in 72 hours back in 2014. The flag starts out neutral in the middle of the map. When a team picks up the flag and captures it in the enemy teams base, the capturing teams...
  5. Ruby

    Transit Beta 2

    Transit is a fairly simple map based in a train station, where RED and BLU own a side of the tracks and are fighting for ownership of the whole rail line. High-speed trains will occasionally pass on the tracks to mow down any unsuspecting mercenaries. It is a CP map, but it can best be...
  6. UltimentM

    Experimental Gamemode: Turf Wars (tw_) [Beta]

    Afternoon everyone, I've had this on the backburner for a while now, and while I have told myself to make a map for it, I haven't, so I'm releasing it to the public for everyone to try out! Introducing Turf Wars! (tw_) Look at all those points! Similarly to the gamemode in the Splatoon...
  7. Gangstahwezel

    CTF Quadro a1

    Made for the 2017 72hour jam. Objective: Collect the intelligence in the middle building and bring it to the assigned dropoff point. The intelligence can spawn in 3 locations in the middle building. Bring it to the assigned dropoff point, which is randomly picked from 4 locations. The...
  8. Ten_Tacles

    8pl_circlecircle a1

    Between two waste production facilities, RED and BLU measure themselves in a payload pushing contest! 8pl is a gamemode I made, that's a bit of a blend between payload, payload race and stopwatch, if that makes any sense. One team pushes the payload as far along a circular pathtrack as they...
  9. JudgeJamesC

    What if KOTH and AD had a baby that resembles TC

    This was something I brought up during an imp yesterday. I was talking about a map I made last year for a 72 hour called cp_longshot. it didn't go well. It was going to be a 7cp map with a little attack/defend after a team caps the mid point. I ended up scrapping the idea and changing it to 5cp...