Sanctum Fortress A5

Start preparing for the attackers... By building defensive towers!

  1. A5-Gettin' there

    //Changelog A5

    //Added low gravity during wall building phase for red team, to help non-jumper classes get atop
    //Fixed buildings not being able to be built after wave
    //Fixed upgrade room not working
    //Fixed Gatebot trap stunning giants
    //Fixed some traps not properly reducing the tower credits and breaking the system
    //Walls can now be resold during the wall phase, also fixed an error relating to the nav (I couldn't make the buttons melee-only, but I did make it so your not going to buy walls by mistake when the wave is over)
    //Removed Engie hints off each wall, no more stuck engies
    //The wave now pauses bot spawning shortly after it starts, so spies and shit won't harrass players, but to allow important bots like the time's up to spawn
    //Moved the Tower Credits on the HUD to the far left so it isn't blocked by the sweer "X killed BLUE ROBOT" spam
    //Ghost trap now properly animates and doesn't stun giants
    //walls have been altered a little to make the nav work

    //Changed the towers a bit, to make the nav work
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