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Multi Stage Rush a9

2 Stage Payload Race

  1. MegapiemanPHD
    Rush is my entry for the payload checklist contest.


    -Multiple carts
    -Payload crosses over it's own path
    -Ledge of 256 hu in height
    -Rollback zone of 256 hu in height

    Rush only has 2 stages without set up gates. This is done as an attempt to work on some issues with multistage payload race. Many people say the first 2 stages don't matter because whoever wins the 3rd wins overall. Due to this, I've removed the 3rd stage. Winning the first stage will give you an advantage in the 2nd, winning the 2nd will win overall.

    The lack of setup gates is mostly due to the size of each area, as they are designed more as arenas like pipeline and nightfall's 3rd stage. The thought is that by trying to make each area useful, it will lead to more confrontation between players as they push the cart instead of them ignoring it and just killing each other. The overall stage length is extended by the use of rollback zones that can help stall the cart.


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