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one of these days I will have all the clipping issues fixed.
-forgot clippings
-fixed some models
-fixed some lighting
-fixed clipping
-fixed some textures
-fixed some props
-fixed a door or two
-added custom signs
-adjusted models
-added 3d skybox
-fixed soundscapes

there is 1 prop that is misaligned that I will fix if I have time before the deadline.
-artpassed enough

I still need to push b1a which fixes 1 soundscape and replace the red bread overlays with custom assets. Just uploading this on the site in case I can't get to it in time.
-updated respawn time for red after capping A and B. Reduced it by 1-2 seconds.
-added forcerespawn for red.
-added windows.
-added some nice textures.
-removed some rocks
-moved some stairs
-added some textures
-clipped blu spawn :)

This update I am just testing a few theories really.
-I unbroke spawns.
Now with 100% more kitchen gun.

-added blu forward after capping A.
-buffed spy on last.
-simplified routing on last.
-made A flank more defined.
-removed dumb rotating route at A.
-fixed some jank sightlines.
-shot a sink.
-other stuff.
-sort of redid A?
-fixed clipping
-optimized the fuck outta the map
-did a bunch of other stuff