Rocky Flats b11

Single stage payload race

  1. Skybox

    - Made the skybox
    - Small layout adjustments I can't remember
    - More Detailing
  2. Spawncamp Fix

    - added turn in basement staircase so it cant be abused by cheeky snipers
    - moved second spawn exit farther from main exit
    - added cool details. At least I think they're cool
    - added clipping to everywhere I thought it was needed
    - added doors to the finale that open only when the cart reaches the ramp
    - the further your cart goes, the shorter enemy respawns will be
  3. Rocky Flats Update

    - Moved staircase closer to spawn
    - Changed map theme
    - Changed some details
    - Made last more open and preventing attacking team from abusing high ground
    - Made pathways flow better
  4. The Real Submission Update

    Just had to make a few more fixes:

    - Fixed some misaligned textures

    - Added some detail props

    - Added a nobuild under the ramp by the silo

    - Fixed some lighting

    - Added some other small details
  5. Submission Update

    This is the update that will likely be my submission for the contest.

    Changes Include:

    - Removed cliff
    - Added new area behind silo
    - Red cart now works
    - Fixed red spawn
    - Added details everywhere
    - Added 3D skybox
    - Added clipping
    - Added health packs to red side

    20190303211723_1.jpg 20190303211734_1.jpg 20190303211840_1.jpg 20190303211939_1.jpg 20190303211956_1.jpg