Rocky Flats b11

Single stage payload race

  1. Sympathy
    Somewhere on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains lies Rocky Flats, a privately owned nuclear weapons facility prone to fires and lacking many required safety precautions. Given that the Mann Brothers have declared their sides of the facility as separate entities, the government has advised that if any more accidents were to occur anywhere in the facility, the entity at fault would have to give up their side to the other. This gave the brothers a brilliant idea: If they could cause an "accident" in the other side of the facility, the entire plant would be theirs.

    Rocky Flats is a single stage payload race map designed for the payload checklist contest. It meets the following checklist criteria:

    - Payload Crosses Hazard
    - Payload Crosses Over Own Path
    - Rollback Zone 256 Units in Height
    - Ledge 256 Units in Height
    - Multiple Carts

    Previously known as Tumble Tech

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Recent Updates

  1. Skybox
  2. Spawncamp Fix
  3. Rocky Flats Update