Medieval Ritter rc1

Based off My fav town, Vienna.

  1. Hard desicion

    As the summer comes to an end, and schools s coming up for me, I must make a decision. I feel this map is coming close enough to completion to put it in release candidate.

    Though changes will still be made, It will be a much slower development.

    Hop you all had a good summer!
  2. Moar polishing! (and grass!)

    Due to feedback I have received:
    • Added detail sprites to certain textures (grass.) please tell me if you don't think they belong in certain places

    • Added a gate way to the front of fort (near the castle) that also opens up so that people don't accidentally wander into the shortcut and hit the dead end before castle is captured.

    • Added another mountain to see if the skybox needs more. Tell me if it succs and should be removed IMMEDIATELY!
  3. I forgot clipping :(

    I didn't turn the bloody clipping on! I'm an idiot.
  4. Polishing stuff up.

    Just polishing some visuals up. Making some textures transition better.
  5. Small Update

    Small changes
    Fixed some stuff based off feedback
    Made some stuff look prettier
    Changed the wooden poles to a hopefully prettier wooden wall thing.
  6. Its time to move on.

    I believe its time to start doing beta updates. This doesn't mean I wont be open to layout changes, but this layout seems to be a ok-est for now.
    This update is mostly detailing, and some unfinished things can be seen, because I'm Experimenting!

    Hope you enjoy it! Screenshots to come soon.
  7. Just.. Detailing, maybe

    Not completely sure what I changed. Just... detailed some stuffs.
    PLS tell me if i fumbled up some thing. (probably the placement of the wooden barrier/stakes.
  8. Just fixing symmetry things.

    In my last update, I only fixed up one side. In this update I fixed that, and did some color testing on some buildings.
  9. feedback things

    Due to the previous IMP, I have:
    • Increased size of brazier fires
    • Cut final Point time in half
    • Rooves
    • And more
    BTW, does anyone know how to change the title thing that says "capture all 5 points." If you could teach me, it would be much appreciated.
  10. Optimization and detail testing

    In this update there is:
    • Optimization
    • Testing with detailing.
    Example of detailing (castle comparison)
    cp_ritter_a30008.jpg cp_ritter_a50006.jpg