Medieval Ritter rc1

Based off My fav town, Vienna.



    Oh man, I haven't Done this in a while.

    Aight, so this map is based of medieval Vienna, and has the two teams as outer kingdom come to try to take over the castle, and then dominate the other teams region (spawn).

    It has a little gimmick which will probably be worked on. Its a little lane that opens up when the castle is taken over, and can be good for either team. I hope its balanced enough though.

    Hope you enjoy it, and just a shoutout to my man @FGD5, who's working on a model for me. Thanks for volunteering your time man.


    1. cp_ritter_b10005.jpg
    2. cp_ritter_b10006.jpg
    3. cp_ritter_b20003.jpg
    4. cp_ritter_b20004.jpg
    5. Riiter2.jpg
    6. cp_ritter_b30002.jpg
    7. cp_ritter_b30001.jpg
    8. cp_ritter_b30000.jpg
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Recent Updates

  1. Hard desicion
  2. Moar polishing! (and grass!)
  3. I forgot clipping :(

Recent Reviews

  1. Aleph Null
    Aleph Null
    Version: a2
    The 3CP format seems to be perfect for Medieval, but who knows? Anyway, I only have 2 things wrong with this map, and they're both just clipping issues. Figure 1 shows how the overhang deceives the player into thinking they can walk under it, but it's *just* low enough to block them. Figure 2 shows how you severely underestimate a good Demoknight's trimping abilities. Other than that, I assume you're making this for Gette it Onne, and I can put a good word in for you with Ed if you'd like!

    FIGURE 1:
    FIGURE 2:
    1. YOYOYO
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback, these problems SHOULD be fixed in the next update, so I'll use this as a reminder
      As of the Gette it onne thing, I'm not entirely sure who Ed is. In fact, I'm not completely aquatinted with the Gette it onne Workshoppe in general.