Medieval Ritter rc1

Based off My fav town, Vienna.

  1. Aleph Null
    Aleph Null
    Version: a2
    The 3CP format seems to be perfect for Medieval, but who knows? Anyway, I only have 2 things wrong with this map, and they're both just clipping issues. Figure 1 shows how the overhang deceives the player into thinking they can walk under it, but it's *just* low enough to block them. Figure 2 shows how you severely underestimate a good Demoknight's trimping abilities. Other than that, I assume you're making this for Gette it Onne, and I can put a good word in for you with Ed if you'd like!

    FIGURE 1:
    FIGURE 2:
    1. YOYOYO
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback, these problems SHOULD be fixed in the next update, so I'll use this as a reminder
      As of the Gette it onne thing, I'm not entirely sure who Ed is. In fact, I'm not completely aquatinted with the Gette it onne Workshoppe in general.