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Both teams now use the same spawn order and layout, copied from BLU
Fixed a few metal textures on BLU side using the wrong team colours
Added blockbullet ramps to the bottom of the lower entrances to IT and lobby from second, preventing players from losing all horizontal momentum by jumping the moment they enter.
Added blockbullets to gaps around the barrels, sink and crates in IT.
Improved blockbullet between the barrel and crate outside the 2 sewer doors.
The thin indoor pipes leading to upper IT are now only solid to players and physics (pipes and stickies).
Cleaned up clipping on and below the lobby rail, and on the boiler room ceiling.
Removed collision from the computer panels outside 1 and 5 on last.
One of the improved rock models used around the second points has been found to crash some configs and has been replaced.
Decals missing from last point areas have been added back.
Reflective surfaces have better cubemap allocations.
A tiny positional difference between the platforms above the two last points has been fixed.
Version cp_process_f9 comes with fixed rocks, and also makes use of Fubar's BSPReveal tool mentioned here.
Note that this tool doesn't highlight the invisible displacements used in some areas e.g. some pipe & lamp props.
Many rocks in f8a had wrong rotations due to a mistake in the models provided to me.
For some of the mid rocks this meant that the clipping f8 added no longer helped.
The only changes are the rock fixes and new commands.
In F8 we switched to use Fubar's improved rock props, which are slightly different in product_final, but are found under the same name. Players switching between the two maps would risk crashing. This fixes that.
  • Added Fubar's new rock collision meshes
  • Added player clipping to the mid rocks in the corner near sewer, so that they feel smooth-ish like the old ones
  • Modified spawn floors to use correct cubemaps
  • Minor collision fixes to windows near the second points
  • Increased cubemap resolution of the windows on 2nd
  • Minor texture alignment fixes around 2nd and choke
  • Improved clipping on lobby computer and printer
  • Redid the clipping on the large prop above IT, but it remains imperfect
  • Improved player collision around the enemy spawn door
  • Fixed the crack between mid crates by mirroring crate heights
  • Health and ammo pack heights are now consistently 8u - they were previously different for each side in some places
Increased lightmap resolution on a few skinny vertical faces to resolve lighting errors
Fixed texture alignment on sewer 2d
Improved health and ammo overlay texture consistency
Properly mirrored health and ammo pack layout on 2nd
Fixed out of bounds pipes on 2nd slightly poking through a wall
Made the lights in lobby the same for both sides
Added barrel props below the ramps to the top of last in order to improve projectile behaviour
Improved prop layout by the left spawn doors
Rotated barrel by red rollout to hide texture seam
Fixed out-of-bounds displacement seams on mid by sewer
Extended mid fence by sewer to reach wall
Added railing to the rooftop above the far sewer door
Further clipping improvements to the raised ledge area in lobby
Removed clipping on the side with the railing of the raised lobby area
Replaced the blue side out-of-bounds tower with a radar dish (the red side tower is still red, unlike on cp_process_final where it is blue)
Minor change to position of wood pallet outside forwards (no longer intersects with team coloured concrete)
Minor improvement to shape of blockbullet on rock below rollout
Fixed rock poking through ground on 2nd
Improved rock blockbullet
Fixed see-through gaps around windows on 2nd
Improved shape and clipping of step thing behind last point
Reduced size of clipping on diagonal pipe near choke
Made light above lower lobby non-solid
Added props to barrel corner near mid-IT entrance
Big change - gave the ramps at last detailing
Other changes:
Fixed some texture alignment issues at last
Fixed some missing decals at last and lobby
Improved panic room clipping
Improved sewer spytech clipping and blockbullets
Improved IT spytech blockbullets
Made further improvements to playerclip above sewer
Improved blockbullet at corner near choke
Minor lobby blockbullet adjustments
Painted more invisible faces with nodraw
Replaced the radar dish on blue side with a blue tower to match the red tower found on red side
Spawn room chairs are more tucked in
Fixed decal bug under ammo packs
Adjusted choke ammo pack to be above ground instead of above concrete
Added minor player clipping to the mid barrels & fences for slightly smoother player movement
Raised the skybox by 512 units
Made metal things in lower it ceiling func_illusionary
Simplified mid crate projectile collision
Added blockbullets to the last window next to the fence on the far left wall
Improved collision on cylindrical prop above mid entrance to IT
Fixed solidity of one of the doors at last
Loads of clipping improvements.
Replaced playerclipping ramps on last with proper ramps (detailing is in progress).
Raised displacement edges adjacent to concrete on mid and second.