Refresh: cp_process f9

Significant clipping changes to cp_process_final to improve competitive suitability

  1. HOI
    This version of cp_process_final has hundreds of small changes which significantly improve competitive suitability.

    Changes include:
    • The lowest doorways have been raised to above the height of a jumping player
    • Stairs have been given proper projectile collision
    • Minor prop asymmetry issues have been resolved
    • The clipping on the walls of last has been removed to match the size of the playable space to the size of the room
    • Props and corners have been given smooth player collision
    • Surfaces not visible to players have been removed to reduce the map filesize and potentially increase framerate
    • Lamps no longer collide with players
    • The circular structures above the mid entrances to PC have better player collision
    • Areas around the mid crates have much better player and projectile collision
    • Improved player collision with overhanging roofs and small concrete steps

    The original map cp_process_final was made by Scorpio Uprising.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Sucreation
    Version: f5
    Great changes and an overall good idea, thanks for making this. As I understand this would be the first of a series of refresh maps and I'd like to see a map like Gullywash handled next.
    1. HOI
      Author's Response
      Cheers, gully is next yes
  2. Niro
    Version: f3
    Areas around the mid crates have much better player and projectile collision.
    That is the most annoying thing in MGE when you shoot a rocket for 0 because of that. This is really cool and hopefully valve take notes, good job.