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  1. Roquet

    koth_avoda a1

    koth_avoda is overall the 4th TF2 map I've been working on but the first one I'm confident is good enough to share for playtests. It consists of open areas broken up by a few big rooms that I wanted to feel as unclaustrophobic as possible. My main goal is making a good map that is fun and...
  2. HOI

    Refresh: cp_process f12

    teamfortress.tv thread workshop page "Refresh" is a series aimed at making maps more suitable for competitive TF2. We took the opportunity to use our experience to fix the issues with map geometry as well as minor aesthetic and performance improvements. We humbly invite you to try out these...
  3. EabaroD


    Can someone make a King of the Hill version of Process, sorta like they did with badlands. Thanks.