Razor's Edge

Razor's Edge _a5

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Razor's Edge _a5

You've reached the top but you still gotta learn how to keep it.

Razor's Edge is an alpine themed map named after the lyrics of a song. (That being Paul Engemann's "Push it to the limit.")

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First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. New version

    Version 5 released: New Features: Re-work of spawn area and shed New Cliff side building Added Clipping Added Scatman Improved displacements New route out of spawn Better optimisation of level Removed junk Moved entire map up a grid size...
  2. New verison released:

    UPDATE _a4 New features include: Reworked layout Improved displacements Removed unessisary spaces Improved lighting New cubemaps Added spectator cameras and welcome point. Raised killbox on cliff Moved spawns closer to mid Fixed overlays Added...
  3. New verison

    Fixed Capture issue, got rid of trees and tried to simplify mid a bit further testing required.