Shipment _b2

Re-made map for Call of Duty™ Modern Warfare

  1. Tango
    pd_shipment was created during the 2019 Sumner Jam
    after long hours of listening to Scatman John on loop.

    Shipment only allows the sniper class to be played on the map enhancing the Call of Duty™ experience that so many of us have grown to love (or hate.)

    1. Tumbolisu -Helping with I/O logic and troubleshooting.
    2. Yrrzy -Helping with I/O logic, map feedback, and troubleshooting.
    3. Blade x64 -Helping with I/O logic and troubleshooting.
    4. Athena413 -I/O logic help, Custom Assets and Moral Support.
    5. N8five484 -Moral Support and map feedback.
    6. Mathtrigueur -Moral Support.
    7. Scatman John -Map Ideas and music for the 72 jam.
    8. Construction Zombie -Team Deathmatch prefab.
    Thank you to all of the staff and mod for allowing the 72hour jam to happen in the first place and keeping up this amazing website.

    Best regards,

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