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Razor's Edge _a5

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Version 5 released:
New Features:
  • Re-work of spawn area and shed
  • New Cliff side building
  • Added Clipping
  • Added Scatman
  • Improved displacements
  • New route out of spawn
  • Better optimisation of level
  • Removed junk
  • Moved entire map up a grid size improving performance


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New features include:
  • Reworked layout
  • Improved displacements
  • Removed unessisary spaces
  • Improved lighting
  • New cubemaps
  • Added spectator cameras and welcome point.
  • Raised killbox on cliff
  • Moved spawns closer to mid
  • Fixed overlays
  • Added pictures for you entertainment20190723174039_1.jpg 20190723173548_1.jpg 20190723173541_1.jpg


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Fixed Capture issue, got rid of trees and tried to simplify mid a bit further testing required.
Overhaul of mid inspired by my previews map blackice20190711205616_1.jpg