Prospect a6

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Prospect a6

A KOTH Smissmas themed map for the TFConnect contest

A KOTH Smissmas themed map for the TFConnect contest (

Currently W.I.P.

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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Update map to A6

    - Move and add some signs. - Remove collision from door signs. - Make the trigger_hurt on the back of the trains smaller. - Add detailing to a large set of buildings. - Make mid-door in spawn courtyard windowed. - Add train signals. - Make roof...
  2. Update map to A5

    - Fix regression causing carts to not move. - Add no-entry markers to train holes. - Lower pointyness of small huts. - Fix pixelwalk issue on train free-fall. - Made significant changes to the center of the map. - Testing some (snowy) detailing...
  3. Changed some stuff related to the trains/carts

    - Carts no longer brutally collide with ramps that go down. - Carts no longer ride too fast when launched for a second time. - Carts now fully ride into exit doorway. - Initial train-like model for cart has been created.