Prospect b2

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Prospect b2

A KOTH Smissmas themed map for the TFConnect contest

A KOTH Smissmas themed map for the TFConnect contest (

Resources used:
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Update to B2

    - Add walls close to the capture-zone. - Change size of a health kit. - Decrease height difference in left-lanes. - Reduce amount of snow info_particle_system's. - Fix texture issue in centerlane building transparent grating. - Update...
  2. Update to B1

    A new letter! - More changes in displacements. - Add detailing to center red building. - Add detailing to capture point. - Add detailing to side bridges. - Change 3d skybox fog color.
  3. Update map to A7

    - Remove nobuild from right lane exit roof. - Change a lot of prop fadeout distances. - Add areaportals in some buildings. - Add func_occluder's. - Lower center giftwall slightly. - Add 3D skybox. - Add displacements as floor. - Add fences on...