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Multi Stage Preinvention A7

BLU has to stop RED from making an invention that will turn the face of the war.

  1. A7-This took way too long to finish

    Yup, I had lost interest, but now it's out before the hard deadline!

    --Added... The skybox! Yay!

    --Added annotations during setup that explain a few things, it's still cheesy and not the best idea, but it should make people less confused.

    --There was an area of void I've been considering using in stage 3, now it serves as blu's forward spawn after the checkpoint.

    --Created a sloped opening into the blu-leftside caves from outside, removed the health pack by the planks and moved the...
  2. A6 otherwise known as: "3rd exit and flank for blu in stage 1" update

    --Added... a 3rd exit for blu in stage 1, and 2 flanks on the left sides of the stage (from blu's perspective)

    --Moved items and changed amount of some.
    --red has a longer respawn time for most of the map.
    --fixed stage 3's final point not showing up on the hud properly
    --made ALOT of areas use a higher light map scale (Hunk overflow error, ugh)

  3. another A5 minor update: A5c!

    --fixed a major bug where the cart blocker in stage 2 moved the wrong way; making the map unbeatable for blu
    --the pillars in red's nexus are now models
    --fixed a displacement hole in stage 1
    --changed/added some vmf's to fix missing bumpmaps

  4. Hotfixing A5 with a B!

    --fixed very steep clips
    --added a small metal blocker to make sure blu has to have the control point to win stage 2; sorry, I couldn't find a work around.
    --added crates around red's flank route to reach the control point in stage 2 to prevent a cheap sentrygun placement.

  5. Another hotfix update-A5

    --added missing entities for stage 3's 2nd red spawn
    --added stairs outside that spawn
    --same spawn vanishes after point 3-2 is taken, turning it into a normal flank route that both teams can use
    --changed a few textures in places.

    --I havn't tested this version ingame yet. Hopefully it functions properly


    *stuff I did in previous updates and forget to list*

    A4: added clips around blu's first spawn so your camera doesn't click into the boards
    A4: changed lighting a bit in stage 1...
  6. A4-Hopeful better stage 1 update

    right, I'm going to ignore being told "I'm too lazy to finish the map" or "I don't care about it" in feedback from now on. Please reframe from pressing this lie onto others, thank you kindly.

    --spotlighted the red nexus, changed some models, and removed a few things, it should look better now.
    --patched sentry spot
    --added clips to ledges that couldn't be walked or jumped up that should be.
    --red's spawn was entirely moved, it is now on the other side of the fence at the end of stage 1...
  7. Yeah, A3!

    Welp here it is, I took my time with this one, trying to get it right and working. (Hitting limits everywhere too lol) But the map should be playable from start to finish now!

    --Added... Stage 3!
    --Added flank to the right side of the 2nd of stage 2
    --Added 1-way door flank for red in stage 2 to get back to the control point and backcap
    --Added custom particles to indicate water is dangerous
    --Did small artpasses in some areas
    --added and altered pickups in flank routes in stage...
  8. A2, stage 2!

    Yup, I've finally done it, stage 2 is now in a playable state!
    I've gone much softer on details this time around so layout changes shouldn't be a problem.

    As for other things:

    --Fixed numerious bugs reported from the last imp playtest (added clipping to stairs, walls, practically everywhere it should have been; adjusted stage 1 time limits and greatly reduced red's respawn time)
    --Leak-proofed the map, no more need for cordons! Should improve FPS.
    --Added a side room before going under the...
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