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Multi Stage Preinvention A7

BLU has to stop RED from making an invention that will turn the face of the war.

RED has been working on something that could turn the war in their favor and obviously BLU can't have that, so they set out on operation: Pre(vent the)invention!

Blue setups for the attack outside the R&D's perimeter in an old mining facility.

Then they make their way through their industrial plant that's hiding a secret base.

A control point powers means of preventing trespassing in the base, BLU must keep it held at all times to push further.

Meanwhile, a BLU Intel case powers the lift needed to lower the cart into the secretive base below...

And then, they must deliver the bomb into the mouth of the operation: The core of RED's power and destroy the entire base in the process!

Made for the Payload checklist contest: https://tf2maps.net/threads/tf2maps-net-major-contest-15-payload-checklist-contest.38022/

Has all 3 stages!
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Latest updates

  1. A7-This took way too long to finish

    Yup, I had lost interest, but now it's out before the hard deadline! --Added... The skybox! Yay! --Added annotations during setup that explain a few things, it's still cheesy and not the best idea, but it should make people less confused...
  2. A6 otherwise known as: "3rd exit and flank for blu in stage 1" update

    --Added... a 3rd exit for blu in stage 1, and 2 flanks on the left sides of the stage (from blu's perspective) --Moved items and changed amount of some. --red has a longer respawn time for most of the map. --fixed stage 3's final point not...
  3. another A5 minor update: A5c!

    --fixed a major bug where the cart blocker in stage 2 moved the wrong way; making the map unbeatable for blu --the pillars in red's nexus are now models --fixed a displacement hole in stage 1 --changed/added some vmf's to fix missing bumpmaps enjoy