72 hour winter jam

  1. winter jacket

    Origami Engineer Emblem 2021-12-20

  2. Overlord Lettuce

    Red Merc (72hr jam entry) 2021-12-20

    Drawing of the tf2 classic merc with an Owen smg (because why not), this was going to be a whole set of drawing in a similar style depicting generic mercenaries of all the tf2 extended universe factions. I intend to continue the project later so stay around here's some of the wips for the next...
  3. Pigzit

    Frostkeep pa2v9

    5cp map in a Medieval theme taking place across 2 walled cities fighting for a no-man's-land fortress. Map is currently unfinished- spent too much time detailing and haven't placed forward spawns or the blue side of the map- post 72hr BSP with functional gamemode will be posted in a few hours...
  4. greenroid

    Creen A1

    72hr entry , point inspire by a side biome map is csgo.
  5. Mess About

    TF2 WINTER JAM typography 2021-12-20

    Spent a week planning to work on a new snow theme ctf map but brain said no :) so I quickly put together this instead, Merry Smissmas ! Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 Software: Inkscape
  6. Мультяник

    Hungry Robotics

    My first job on tf2 jam. I hope you enjoy it View: https://youtu.be/RwakOCPK8GE
  7. *Turns into crocodile*

    Farala a3a

    Custom content: - https://tf2maps.net/downloads/tall-thin-pine-trees.5846/
  8. Spooky Rex

    [72hr]Christmas fempyro spray 2021-12-19

    -made with Gimp
  9. MrOakridge

    plr_trident 72hr Final v1.1

    A Payload Race with an emphasis on tight spaces and close-quarters combat. Can you get your cart through when the tracks are so intertwined with the enemy's? There is a well-hidden Easter egg in this map. Can you figure out how to make it appear? --- This map uses door prefabs and game logic...
  10. Lynch

    Smoke and chill 2021-12-17

    Smoke & chill
  11. Lynch

    Winter Scout 2021-12-17

    credits: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=557416662
  12. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Weather Report a3

    The mercs fight through various seasons and weather for control over a weather station! This is a 3-stage KOTH map where the layout for each individual stage is mostly the same, the main differences being the season and weather, with some minor layout differences to go with each one to make...
  13. 14bit

    Icebox (Arena) A1

    An arena conversion of my Winter 2017 72hr map, Icebox! This was thrown together in less than a day for use in a research project I am working on for one of my classes. The sign in spawn will be removed in future versions, should they happen. Major differences from KotH include: The spawns are...
  14. Melo

    Mountain Side A2

    This is a map that I originally started for the winter TF2 72hr Jam in 2017. This is the version of the map I will update, the preserved 72hr version (which is not very good) is here: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/3cp_mountainside.3360/ It is a mirrored 3cp map that is supposed to be less...
  15. Mess About

    Sacrificial A3

    A CTF Jungle theme that was made in 3 days for the 72hr Jam event It very rushed, so I don't know all the props were packed in the map
  16. Lexotan

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Burning Davez (solly) 2017-02-13

    the original set of Davez with burning tyrant and aussy rocket laucher made by: Maik(pm for steam profile) & Lexotan (meh C:) remember #ripdavez because he quit tf2 :C
  17. Umaroth-24

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Covariance a4a

    A simple koth map, mapped for the 72hour winter TF2Jam 2017. credit to: -Earkham for his snowycoast assets pack -Fr0z3n for the map starters prefab -A Boojum Snark for his ultimate mapping resource pack
  18. C-Rup

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Pixel Mercs 2017-02-13

    Made in GIMP 2.0, I guess. Not much else, other than they're apparently cute. First Jam!
  19. Zomgitsbacon

    Brutes Equation

    A brand spanking new Melee weapon for the Engineer, with a tad more blunt forced trauma. Had a great time doing this 72hour Jam, though I wished worked a tad more with the texture and finish the lods on it. P.S (can't seem to upload the zip)
  20. SquishyStuff

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Valentine's Day [SFM]