pl_vorwarts A9

Forwards comrades!

  1. A8 Update

    Note of the maker
    I am putting my mind to it once again and started searching for what was causing the filesize to be so high. It apperantly was because of custom Frontline props just having large sizes, I removed all non-gameplay props from the map and added a max render distance to the remaining static ones. The barbed wire has also been removed and the one on top of the fence at second doesn't do damage anymore. The thing is I really liked it and in is kinda demotivating me a little but...
  2. A7 update

    Changelog A7:

    -Connected the exits in the first Red spawn
    -Changed some minor detail elements
    -Clipped the "tunnel"
    -Moved a route at second a bit
    -Moved the blu forward spawn so players face the direction they need to go
    -The roof over the gate after second has been lowered
    -The rockets in reds last spawnroom have been removed
    -The gameplay signs have collisions turned off
    -Edited some respawnwave times
  3. A6 update

    This update changes some thing I got from your feedback on the map's first playthrough, thanks for that btw.

    -changed some geometry
    -added and swapped some props for detail and gameplay purposes
    -edited the roofs in some buildings because I missed deleting some brushes
    -added a new blu forward spawn
    -made the area outside blu spawn accessible in setup for blu team
    -made the triggers for the mines much smaller
    -nerfed some snipersightlines
    -added another door at first that will open upon...