pl_tapline B5 packed (final)

Experimental tap-to-push-cart Payload map

  1. GuttyKreum
    This map was made for TFCL at the request for a 'tap the cart to push' experimental payload mode. I have not worked on the map in a long time and I do not believe it will be used for the league.

    With that being said, perhaps there is still hope for merriment to be had on the map and for further changes (leading to completion) with your help.


    - Any member of the BLU team can activate the cart rolling forward by tapping it.
    - The cart speed never goes above '1 person', even if all of BLU are rubbing up against it.
    - RED team members can stop the cart by tapping up against it.
    - Currently the cart does not rollback after a period of time.

    Changelog for pl_tapline_b2:

    - The nightmare one-way flank door now closes and locks after 'A' is capped.
    - The map is about 10% larger overall.
    - Farther distance between the cart start and 'A'.
    - Farther distance between 'A' and 'B'.
    - Closed up the back of the bridge and moved the entrance to the area under the 'B' sign to the right.
    - New third initial spawn exit for BLU.
    - Added a flank route on the bottom floor next to 'B' that leads behind the tall rocks closer to 'C'.
    - Added a new ramp room that allows easier access to the bridge top for attackers.
    - Removed the sniper fence that was making 'A' seem more like a hallway CP.
    - The small bottom entrance to 'C' is now positioned differently and gives slightly more space for defenders.
    - Added a raised area to the far left-side (from the defenders perspective) of the bridge to make it harder to reign over BLU forward spawn doors.
    - Raised the height of the small forward BLU spawn door.
    - The area that was once the farthest initial forward BLU spawn exit is now an area accessible by both teams.

    Album showing general overview and some changes with descriptions:

    An image of the previous version overview showing how the forward spawn doors of BLU are opened:


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